Desires of the Heart

So true. It won't be desires of the flesh though. It'll be our desire for the fruit of the spirit:

What are desires of the heart? If you asked most people, would they even know? Or would they go with the basics, home, career or family. It certainly not just any whim or idea that pops in your head. I read about a girl went to China, a missionary, not a whim. She was certain God was calling her. Yet, she fell in love and is married and has children. One desire changed to another, the latter one she put on hold, not God. He wants us to love and be loved. Did she wait for the right person? No doubt.  But she was lonely in the mean time while God could have still made the right match.

Don’t think that you have to be a missionary or even a minister. There are many parts to the body of Christ and He needs each member whole and in place.

Sometimes, it’s a job or career. Writing burned in my soul. Did I act on it? Yes, and no. Rejection slips disappointed me, even in the Christian market. I was rejected. Was I a good writer? Sure, God even puts His anointing on it, but we have an enemy. Who knew he lurked in publisher’s offices? I knew he was strangling Hollywood.

Still, it was and is my desire and I love it. Until I can do otherwise. I will continue to teach Bible study and pray for the sick. Something else I love. It is a desire of my heart too. I long to see women move past illness, depression, so I want to bring hope and encouraging words. I want them to know Jesus. How very much He loves them.

Most people never took me seriously as a writer, That’s okay. God did. It was His desire and it became mine. It was such a powerful thing that it overtook me, that’s one way you know it is a desire. Love and Jesus are obsessions of sorts.

Poker and lottery tickets are not in that category, nor a sports car, or get rich quick scheme. God promotes those who are humble and not trying to promote themselves but doing what they love for His glory. He can use that soul. I am that soul.

I hope you are, too. Maybe, you are a musician or have some other talent or gift. You may have to have a job until He can bring you to fruition but nothing is impossible for Him. You step out of the way and watch Him work. There’s nothing He can’t and will not do for you. Let your desire be His and and it will be perfect, may He keep you in His perfect peace until it comes to pass. Rebecca Jones/ Adina Voicu, photographer, thank you.


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