Gardening Your Heart


Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can be either flowers or weeds. William Wordsworth

Who’s gardening your heart? I hope you are. And Jesus! I know I’m watching mine. And while I can’t take credit for the pun, I came across a similar idea on another blog. The pun is based on guarding your heart from Proverbs, but it is the peace of God that passes all understanding, that has to truly guard it.

It is Jesus that keeps our hearts, our minds in perfect peace. We can’t. But He has to be our focus, if we ever look away, suddenly, we’re not good ground anymore. We dry up, wilt. The Holy Spirit has backed off and we are thirsty for His presence, the former and latter rain. It’s an ongoing process like salvation.

The seeds that were sown are stolen by the enemy, blown by ill winds of circumstance, cares of the world. Or maybe we, hear and are glad at first, gradually losing ground, our hearts are rocky, when trouble erodes our faith, or have they fallen into brambles that encircle our hearts with thorns, like the Sacred heart of Christ? Have we become bitter, angry, or are we grieving? He wore the crown of thorns for us, dare we wrap one around His heart?

Is our life a tangled web, whether of our own weaving or by others, a wound from the words of others, you see, we let it get broken. Even if we tried to guard it, was it just to much for a mere mortal? Even a Spirit filled one? It takes His peace to guard it. But it takes us to look to Him.

We must fill our hearts with good things, with good music, laughter and love. People die everyday without love. Every kind word is a seed, every word fit spoken, an apple of gold. Every sincere compliment, crushes a thorn. Every prayer waters a rose. Everything done in love grows a garden, a vineyard or an orchard.

So if words can be either flowers are weeds, what are we sowing? What are we reaping? A bountiful harvest for heaven, we bear much fruit or is it withered and dying grass that is easily burned in the fire. Do we make others glean for a little or leave them handfuls on purpose? Do they toil or spin? They could be like the lilies, and Solomon in his finery was not arrayed like this.

Is colorful language killing our plants or are we planting seeds that will burst into spring colors. Will our gardens be sackcloth and ash or a coat of many colors. Is the divine in us? Or are we weeds, wasting away? I pray this little hint of spring will brighten your day and make you stop and think as we prepare for warmer days and sunshine, to let the Son of God shine on you and warm the heart that you and He both guard and garden. Rebecca Jones / zou yu, photographer. thank you


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