Heart Full of Love


What is a heart full of love anyway? What’s love got to do with it? Most people have a limited idea of love. But there are three definite words that are translated love in the Bible. Eros, of course, can have a bad side, but it is also a very intimate and spiritual love.

Phileo, is more common, like friend. Peter never got to agape when Jesus asked him if he loved Him to feed His sheep, and finally lambs. Jesus was getting more loving, Peter stayed at friendship. People throw the word around all the time. You can love sweets, clothes and vacations, lots of things.

But God’s love is deeper, agape, the best and deepest and most intimate of all, perfect love, the only thing that casts fear aside. He loves regardless, even when we were sinners, He chose to send His beloved Son. I used to think I probably wouldn’t have done it. Now I find myself forgiving bitter words and snipes quickly so they to not become weeds in my heart’s garden.

God is love, He doesn’t have it. He is it. You can eat an apple, a love it, or a peach or banana. Yet, toss away the peeling or core. Do you love, superficially, or artificially, like so many relationships? Love and throw them away, get a new one. What is this friends with beneifits nonsense?

Do people not recognize or realize that they hurt people? Do they not even care? Maybe, non Christians. But Christians, they do it too.  So taunting and bullying is not just in the schools, social media or mainstream, it is also in the church.

The sooner believers begin to recognize that and deal with it and prune and weed, because He is the vine. We will bear much fruit and the grapes would hang heavy in the fields of harvest and the fruit of our lips would praise and the new wine ofthe Holy Spirit would pour forth into new wineskins and there would be rejoicing in heaven over souls being saved.

Search you heart, how do you love. Are you intimate with the Lord? Or is He a friend? Or have you left your fisrt love, tossed Him aside like so much old fruit in favor of the change tha people embrace. It is time to change for the better in Jesus, and once again embrace His amazing grace. Rebecca Jones


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