Who’s Guarding Your Heart?

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We are all famiiar with Proverbs 4:23.  Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. This is, of course, but one translation but a good one. Everything ffects our heart, whethere we realize it or not. Every hurt,every disappointment, every sorrow.

That’s why, like the children’s song says we need to, ” Give your heart to Jesus. ” Let Him be the guardian of it. Let His peace surround it.  For if we are truly His, we are His child, and we are tender hearted. Children cry for lots of reasons, hungry, needing a change, usually baby reasons. But toddlers and so called littles, can turn on and off the water works. Sometimes, it a tantrum, overtired, frustration, the so called growing pains. And just to be a brat, they don’t even need a reason.

We are children of the Most High God. We should be above that. Far above, like Ruby Women. But there is still pettiness and strife and hurt in body of Christ. So many are walking wounded, walking broken hearts, disillusioned with ministers and ministries and Christ. Tares were sown in, and somehow wound their way into what we are suppossed to be rooted and grounded in.

If you pull up weeds you can tear out the flowers. If you don’t cut them back, ask Jesus to prune you as He will, you can be gnarled and tangled in messes of your own making or attacks and cruelties of others. It is necessary to keep and eye on your heart. More importantly, to let God guard it with the peace Jesus left us.

Roses are lovely and yet have thorns, jesus was altogether lovely, and wore thorns, willing for us.  We all have things that bedevil and bedraggle us, thorns in the fless. That is why we must walk in the Spirit. For the greater one is in us, to both guard and garden our hearts.

He alone is love personified. And He alone is worthy of all praise. The creator of heaven and earth, the lover of our soul, makes things new and beautiful, and He’s always on guard, He will separate tares from wheat. We can bloom into beauties, full of color and strong and sturdy in winds of adversity. Let Jesus guard your heart, and mind. Rebecca Jones


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