God’s Valentine


I wrote a poem for my mother in 2003, called Valentine from God. It was about the crucifixion. That’s not exactly flowers or a box of dark chocolate truffles or even perfume but it is a fragrant reminder of God’s love. What was a horrible suffering became an aroma of sweetness to God.

Indeed, Jesus entered hell and recovered the keys, before being raised. He was every kind of offering, including burnt. Certain fragrances were thrown into the offerings and they went up before God. That happened morning and night in the Temple, day after day. But Jesus, once and for all. That’s it. It was finished forever.

As a believer, we receive His grace and mercy. That is why it is so important to walk in love and stay in communion with His precious Holy Spirit. It is by grace we are saved. We can’t do anything. Grace and truth were ushered in by Jesus.

God gave us the perfect Valentine, when I knew nothing about that sort of thing. I was still so enamored with the Lord as to write that poem. I have always been in love with Jesus. I could not bear the thought of that sacrifice, made for me. I conveniently glossed over Levitcus and some other passage.

Jesus was the sweetest man ever, the Lamb of God, like the little Passover lamb. pure and spotless. And both were offered for sin. And the aroma of sacrifice pleased God because He so loved us that He wanted to redeem us even if it meant sending His Son.

Those offerings weren’t enough, only Jesus was and He took so much. Please understand how dear this sacrifice was to God, how much it hurt to make it. It was the only one sufficient. So as we have our fill of goodies, the nice romantic dinners, look lovingly at our roses, and as we are enthralled by our gifts. Let’s remember our perfect and best gift ever. He did it willingly for us. So let’s be God’s Valentine, now and always. He gave us our Valentine from God, Jesus. Rebecca Jones

Of course, I know it was was yesterday, but maybe some plans are for the weekend. Either way, I hope Vaentine’s Day was memorable.




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