Nobody’s Child


Years ago I wrote an article about child abuse. It was for a fan club of a cop show produced in Canada. It was a small publication. I was hoping the friend would get on up there and meet the producers and I might get a script submitted.  It was titled Nobody’s Child.

Another failed script, was passed over by an agent, also about child abuse, though her lovely secretary passed the time with me while she was at a meeting. I did not realize where God was taking me as a writer. He was giving me a voice for women, and a voice for children. It was being rejected, but He changed that with the blog, and wherever He takes me, I know He will still have  this on my heart. I want to help you heal this Valentine’s Day.

I cannot conceive what some people have been through. And sadly, I know some who wear proudly their scars and use them to hurt others, as a crutch to hang on to drugs or alcohol, and to control others. But if you truly want to be delivered or healed, Jesus is there, close to you. Call out His name. Whisper Jesus into the darkest of nights and into your heart and soul. He will come and heal your broken heart.

You can be as beautiful as the girl in this picture, and walk around feeling like nobody’s child. Even if you have parents, it is a heart condition of the spiritual kind. It is a longing and lonliness for God. And you don’t even have to have had abusive parents. So imagine those who do.

Years of therapy will not even erase some scars. The depth of pain can be so profound, from grief, or death. The shuffling through the foster care system can be a nightmare, especially for troubled children who are put out at 18. The church is failing people with falsehoods about God, they need to be preaching Him as a loving and welcoming Father. People are desperate to hear that He loves them, unconditionally.

While even a sinner, He sent Jesus to die for them. People who have known little or no love will have trouble with that because they can’t believe it. So many believers are the same way, I still have trouble fathoming it with my experiences and writing ability to describe it. Mere words fail to display the Father’s infinite grace.

If you understand how much you are loved, you will want to do good, to behave, to love others. He will not have to beat a set or rules into you. You have a free will but if you are truly and deeply loved, and you know it, you will make better choices. For yourself and others.

Forgiveness begins the healing process, faith receives Jesus into a broken or lonely heart, or even welcomes Him to a believing heart. Let Him wash you with the pure water of the Word. Bathe you with the light of love. Warm you with gentleness, soothe you with a voice of kindness and song.

We all carry around baggage. Some more than others. It may be that you are told to get in touch with your inner child. But God wants you grow up in Him. You will always be His beloved child but He will walk you through the valleys and into higher hills. You can touch the clouds and soar.

Let Him heal your wounds. I have even dreamed that I died as a child, don’t let that throw you. You are growing up in Him. Don’t follow occult or deceptive practices of past lives, be very careful to have someone teach you God’s Word who is capable. It is important to be born again, ask God to give you the Holy Spirit as a teacher.

I never want to confuse anyone. So start with John 3:16, with the entire book of John. Seek out a good church, or at least a few believers to fellowship with. Ask God to give you direction, and wisdom, to help you grow and become a mature Christian.

Remember, He loves you. He is always there for you, He will not leave or forsake you, ever. But you must accept Him as Lord and Savior and you must have a teachable spirit and heart for God. You must learn to let go the past, to heal and present yourself  to God a living sacrifice and testament to His love.

You are not Nobody’s Child, if you accept Jesus as Lord you are His beloved son or daughter, forever, in His grace and mercy, forever, in His embrace. Rebecca Jones

*Scroll back to read about having an Orphan Heart.


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