An Orphan’s Heart


Have you ever even heard of this? When I was introduced to this teaching it was new to me but I realized how much sense it made. It explained a lot of the longing and loneliness  of my heart. Why did I think like this? I’m not an orphan. Most of us aren’t.

It appears that your heart can suffer this spiritual malady even if you have parents, and loving parents, even Christian parents. You can still feel lonely, lost or forsaken. God promises not to abandon you, even if your mother or father does, even like a nursing mother could not forget her child, and you know some do.

My father left when I was two and never knew Him. Even if you have a good stepfather or uncle or someone who can be close to you and influence you. You can still suffer from an orphan heart.  You need God’s love to heal it.

It is a double dose of a despicable spirit that lingers over you and haunts you as if you’d been raised in an orphanage or left wandering the streets to fend for yourself. Why? Maybe, simply because you are not a believer and don’t know Jesus loves you.

He can be calling to your spirit. It may be that you are a believer and being tormented because of certain things you have not dealt with, old hurts, wounds or being unwilling to forgive. It may be nothing of the kind, even a strong believer can have this ache because God is calling you deeper. It is a place in your heart that yearns for  our Abba, Father, because we have been adopted. This can be a deep study, there are issues of rejection and abandonment. Two things God will never do if you receive Christ.

He longs to be your Father, to love you deeply as no earthly Father could. He is the perfect Father, a perfect Valentine. He has given you His beloved Son already, why would He spare His love and healing or generous gifts? So why do we walk around in this? It’s probably not even a mindset, it is an ache in your heart for unconditional love. People who have everything can still feel this emptiness, people who have nothing can fall into despair.

If you feel this way talk to Him about the emptiness, and think of the people who really are in orphanages or alone. Perhaps, He is drawing people to the aid of children. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Let Him love your heart well so you can help other heal. Nothing else will fill the void.

I pass along the love of Jesus one healing orphan heart to another, let God’s love in, He is never to busy or never too tired. He always cares and listens. Let the Holy Spirit deepen His love in you this Valentine’s Day and from now on. We have a loving Father, He is not a reflection of the earthly one, but He wants us to reflect Him. Rebecca Jones



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