Cold Hearted


Because lawlessness is increased, the love of many will grow cold. Matthew 24:12

Jesus is speaking of the end times here. People have expected Him to return ever since He left.  And that was  to be expected. After He left, the disciples were killed one by one, including Peter by Nero, who definitely a type of Anti Christ. John, the only one left, coded the Book of Revelation from the Isle of Patmos.

In every century, in every age, people awaited His return. The Second Coming is different to the Rapture of the Church, and I believe in a pre -Tribulation Rapture, while others, see it as in the middle or even at the end and we are to endure it. This is not what Jesus was talking about having tribulation, that is day to day troubles. This is the Great Tribulation. His Second Coming will blind the Anti-Christ  right out of power.

Although Rapture, is not in the Bible, it is Scriptural, 1 Thessalonians 5:17. The word for catching away is harpazo, to snatch, as one from danger. Many believe the term coined in the 1800’s has no bearing, but I do. But I do not agree with date setters. Although prophetically, were are closer than ever, because the above verse is true.

People speculate about the Anti-Christ all the time, some said it was President Obama. I have even heard speculation about newly elected Donald Trump. I have done as the Bible said, prayed for leaders, I’m not perfect, wasn’t into politics, but I did it. That doesn’t concern me, if I don’t expect to be here, and the man of sin will be revealed later, I believe, post Rapture.

Many people who call themselves Christians, just because they are neither Muslim or Jew would be disappointed to find themselves left. If being a Christian is only a name to you, I would reconsider. You have a free will to believe and follow any religion.

Being a believer is knowing intimately the love of Jesus and the belief in His death and resurrection. His salvation is all encompassing. While you may know about Jesus, you may not know Him. And if necessary, I will apologize for the Church’s misrepresentation of Him or anyone who hurt you or caused you not to believe in a loving heavenly Father.

So let’s look at the times we live in. We are blessed in America, regardless of politics or affiliations. Many people, the world over are not so fortunate with their freedoms. Lawlessness, sin or wickedness all abound, words from different translations of the Bible. Jesus always warned people. He did a lot in parables, unbelievers could not understand. It was foolishness to them. But the Holy Spirit will enlighten and empower and embolden you, and that is not New Age, it’s God’s Word, from the mouth of His Son.

Jesus even told the disciples when the devil was coming. So what is He saying here, when you see all this wickedness in the world, drugs, crime, trafficking humans, the love of people is waxing cold.  In the beginning the world was perfect, after Adam’s fall, it was primitive, wild, out of control. God even started over with Noah. And He said the last days were comparable. There is not a right  or wrong to many, though I’m starting to believe that they know the difference and do not care.

Without getting into abortion or marriage, I can tell you that tolerance and acceptance of everything, is not God’s way, He designed the world to work a certain way, He created family, He is love and forgiveness, and this is waxing cold in many. They are not moved by death, destruction. There is only more hatred and violence.

When the Jews were forced to wear stars to identify them in WW2, the same countries who were under Hitlers’s heel, forced many German immigrants to wear Swastikas, and abused them as well. We are not to overcome evil with anything but good.  And Adolf Hitler was prime candidate to be the Anti-Christ. People will even tell you the Great Tribulation is over. It happened millennia ago. It’s not so. The technology exists today that did not then.

I do not write fear in this article but love. Jesus, the Prince of Peace will return. Can you hear Him calling to your heart, or is it cold? Is it frozen in time or in fear? Is the world full of gloom and doom and dread to you? Is you heart on the edge and troubled and headlines, over your jobs, lost loved ones. Are you looking for love and night finding satisfaction in addictions or distractions that hinder you? Jesus does not want your heart troubled or cold but believing in Him.

There is a love that never grows old or weary or cold. His name is Jesus and He loves you and can find the very person you need to make a difference in your life. Don’t wait another day, we do not know the hour of His return and if the world is this way now, what will it be then? If you can’t believe He love you now, could you then?

Love, is patient, kind, and  never fails. God is love and love is Jesus. I hope you choose to love Him today, because, no matter who you are are what you do, He loves you and is waiting to accept you, if you accept Him. Rebecca Jones

Heart on ice


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