Covered With Feathers


A deeper study on Psalm 91 brought me to place of rest.  He doubles His promise of protection and we are to dwell safely as  believer in that promise. We are under His wings which is a type of poetry representing the Ark of the Covenant, and the wings are the cherubim.

If we were under His wings back then, and covered with feathers of protection and in His shadow, how much more now? Back in the day you had to make sacrifices, adhere to strict codes. And while Jesus isn’t giving a Carte Blanche to sin, He is not condemning us continually, the Holy Spirit, if you allow Him, will get you under control. We are still free will people and He doesn’t force grace or love on us.

Jesus blood is on that Mercy Seat, He who sits on the throne, dwells or abides in our hearts. And in my study that word constitutes rest. He had already been crucified. He declared it finished. He is at rest. He should rest in our hearts and we, in His.

Now, that’s a gift, the best Valentine any one of us could receive. And so many of us have Him already, and we don’t understand this principle. We are not giving Him first place in our heart, we have left our first love.

He has never left us, never forsaken us. He was always there, our beloved bridegroom. Did we leave Him at the altar when we were saved? Why aren’t we enjoying the abundant life and love that is Jesus?

He has given us angels, seen and unseen, and the Holy Spirit as a teacher. And to discern wisdom. He said it was better for Him to leave. Why? Because as a man, He could not be everywhere. There was no television or internet then. So, it was better to send a the Spirit, who could get into our spirits, mingle, teach. Who could guide and heal.

You can picture an angel’s embrace. Literal, spiritual feathers. The cherubim were made of gold, and cast a shadow of protection. Jesus casts a long shadow. He’s a great Valentine, I want Him to rest in my heart. Isn’t it great to be in love with Jesus? He gives us so much love for others.

We are resting in His shadow as our Mercy Seat, covered with wings and feathers, safe forever in the embrace of His love eternal. Rebecca Jones


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