My Heart Waits

de5114bda59bd93874345f5c86bc58d2    Hearts ‿✿⁀♡♥♡❤:

Wait for the Lord, Be strong and let your heart take courage, Yes, wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

I wish I could regale you with my southern accent in Hebrew. Wait on the Lord actually rhymes in Hebrew, no wonder I write poetry. Isn’t God creative? He’s got lots of names and a vast array of creatures and plenty of love and joy for everyone…if they wait.

Sometimes, wait is translated serve, so it would be, serve the Lord. But I looked up the Hebrew and it is wait. You had a lot of time to wait, sitting out with a flock, singing and praising God.

Seriously, it was hard work, walking everywhere, dangerous lions or wolves, rounding up strays. You had to be on guard, so you see the beautiful metaphors that are speckled throughout the Word. How that we go astray, Isaiah says.

Even Jesus is fluent in the Shepherd speak. He tells great stories. But what are we supposed to do? Wait, count on Him, depend on Him, Don’t try to answer you own prayers. That got Abraham and Sarah into trouble.

Don’t start thinking this is the answer or  that is, God will reveal it in time and you will have peace and no doubt. I caught myself doing this the other day. the Holy Spirit reminded me of something that happened earlier, that I was where I needed to be.

We all want things quickly, but sometimes we have to wait, patiently. Some opportunities are missed and maybe gone forever, but He can restore what the enemy has destroyed or stolen. We just have to be still, wait. Know that He is God and in control.

Maybe we will have to wait, rest, renew and study to keep our faith strong, but we will have hope to arise, Jesus is hope. So let’s let our hearts grow strong by waiting on Him, standing on the promise of God who is faithful and is love. Rebecca Jones


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