A Heart at Rest


I know we have covered having a restful heart before, and while I dedicated January to wisdom, February is not all roses and candies, or even candlelight dinners, one day pf romance, doesn’t make up for lost time when women are pushed to their limits. Men may not see this, they may not listen if you tell them but Jesus will. And if you have that husband who will listen and talk to you God bless him. I don’t understand why men won’t even allow themselves the vulnerability of confiding in their wife.

We know the verse that declares that heart at peace will give the body rest, nourishment and health. And this is the rest Jesus talks about, it is much deeper than a deep sleep, just like intimacy is deeper than a physical relationship. God is way deeper, to the soul and spirit. That is why hearts break easily.

People, unless they are truly Spirit filled, devoted and caring Christians ( even those in ministry ) will not be able to help you fill that void, the only way they can is with the deepest agape love of God. It is something you have to seek, to desire and learn to walk in. You love, even if you are not loved back.

It sounds hard, right? It can be. But there will usually be a couple of understanding friends. And even better, Jesus knows. He is really the only one who can fill the longing of a lonely heart. He’s lonely for you, too.

The Holy Spirit longs to be your constant companion, to be rest and peace to you. He wants you to have joy. Joy unspeakable and full of glory! The Lord is full of grace and mercy, don’t let your past or worries about being a good enough Christian phase you. The enemy lies to break your heart, to keep you from the heart of Christ.

Jesus and the story of His sacrifice will break it, but only to give you a chance at salvation. He will pour out His oil of joy on that wounded heart and purify a soul that deeply longs to know His amazing grace.

Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. Aren’t we all in some way? But, we also as believers should stop seeing ourselves as broken but mended. Not as a prisoner or captive, but free because, He made me.

In Israel vessels that were cracked used to be fixed or sealed with a mixture that included lamb’s blood because it came from certain kind of tick. How much greater then are we sealed by the Lamb of God’s blood and sealed by His Spirit?

I want you to rest in that love, make a “date” night, or as they say in Hebrew a mohedim, a set time, to spend with Jesus, talk to Him love Him, worship Him. You are the beloved and He want to give you rest. Then you will have peace and rest and it will make a difference in your family and marriage.

Write Him a  poem, a thank you, a note. If you get roses, remember, He’s the rose of Sharon and His aroma is sweet. Rebecca Jones

A heart at peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30


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