Your Heavenly Father’s Heart


If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! Matthew 7:11

So what about, we as human beings full of shortcomings wanting to give our children good gifts? Granted some are noisy and we praise the Lord when the batteries run down and the children do as well, and conveniently, oops, no Double AA, ” Next time I’m at the store. ” I’m sure there is not a parent in America, if not most of the world, without that experience or the broken toy within a couple of days. And lots of nightmare stories.

So why do believe that God withholds gifts from us? We are His pride and joy and if we want our children happy wouldn’t He? You would never tell your child to just suffer with sickness a while and I might take you to the doctor, you need to learn a lesson. And we, until being born again, were evil.

You don’t need a better job, you just barely make it. It makes you holy. Would He say that? No, He loves to prosper His children. We’ve got God confused with the Wicked Witch of the West or something, He’ll get us and our little dog, too. No, no. Some are saying He’s being preached as Santa Claus, well, He gives gifts, but all the time. And He is not keeping a list and checking it twice. He is merciful, while we are sinners.

You are in the Book of Life or not. It is also a Judaic custom that all names are there and He only takes them out when you refuse Him, or today, His Son, Jesus. Whether or not that is so, I know He is more than generous, I have seen people who have had prayers going up, who should not be here but for His grace and they are not even believers.

We don’t have to get God to do it. He planned out our lives long ago and sent Jesus to become our link to Him. He wants to heal, prosper, deliver and give good gifts, homes, marriages and families. So why are we lacking? We can ask amiss, we think He is saying no. We misunderstand a loving and generous Father.

He may want you to wait for a better opportunity, a better fiance, to trust Him with details of your life. Don’t ever think your Heavenly Father is like an earthly one. He’s not the drunkard with a belt, the addict that can’t be trusted. He is not abrasive or abusive. He is not a liar. He will not steal your childhood. He will not provoke you to anger or ever be unkind.

Will He tell you not to do foolish things? Yes. Will He make you accept consequences? Yes. Does He forgive you? Yes. Does He remember? Yes. He is God but He says He will not remember. Does He remind you of them? No, at least not to hurt you, maybe to avoid a mistake. Does He single you out, ridicule you, embarrass you in public. No. ( But your children will. )

Does He punish you? Not like people think. It may be a time out, a redirection, a smack on the bottom, if necessary. If you think going to the principal’s office, or having your mother or father called from work was bad, let God admonish you. Oh, yes. Getting called  on the carpet by the Holy Spirit is something. It is enough to make you know that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. And by fearful, I mean awed by, floored by, figuratively and sometimes literally, being blown away by. You know that power is greater by far. And you get an idea or where you would be without Him. You will behave.

So talk to children, they’re smarter than you think. It pays to teach them early. They are visual creatures unless their attention span is nil. And even then, they are aware of their surroundings. Is your home chaotic or choreographed. Not everyday will be a piece of cake but God is the author of peace and not confusion. You can confuse children by teaching one thing and doing another. We are all human, make mistakes, falls short of His glory, but we should be giving Him glory and expecting it to manifest into blessing on us and our homes.

I think He allowed people to have children to know how much He wanted a family, and sometimes, to know we cause Him a lot of trouble, but He never stops loving us. Sometimes, He has to let us go on our merry way, wander in the wilderness, come home a Prodigal. ( Who really only wanted to be a servant and eat. And He actually wished his father were dead, because that’s the only way you inherit something. ) He gave us a free will, that is why fathers have hurt earthly children, they have a choice. The world is under the devil’s authority until you take it back by accepting Jesus.

If you have been hurt, please know how God feels about it. Let Him heal the broken heart of a child inside you. Will you believe that He is a good Father, a perfect Father, who will never leave you? Will you trust Him? Pour out your heart and let Him console you, wipe your tears, give you joy for mourning. Father, I pray in Jesus name that anyone  who reads this knows my words are true and from your heart, begin to heal them immediately. Lighten a load that has been too heavy for too long, you punished your own Son to set us free. If you did not spare even Him who was beloved, you will not withhold healing, deliverance, peace. Nothing is too hard or impossible for you. Speak peace to the body of Christ by your Spirit, touch the places that are valleys of dry bones in our lives, breathe on us and let us live in your love, forever. Amen. Rebecca Jones


Crystal Storms



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