Heart of Grace

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One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend. Proverbs 22:11

Although we have moved on into February, this is still a verse of wisdom. I suggest reading other translations as well this is NIV, but beautiful and not so different from other Bibles. I was reminded how some people are readers of only King James, but isn’t all Scripture inspired of God, He knew about translations, and what about Hebrew to Greek. It pays to study His Word, and the inspiration is from His Spirit, His words will not return void. Ever.

That being said, lets looks at our words, are we speaking grace?. I have read recently of the phrase cheap grace, one which requires no repentance. I know some of the speakers, personally, I have never heard anyone say that or even imply that. Where there is sin, there is more grace, He loved us while we sinners but He died so sin would no longer have dominion over us and we are to learn to walk in the Spirit, if we sin, we have an advocate. We are not to go around repenting all the time over the same old sins that we are often reminded of, He knows our hearts and that we’re quick to make amends. His sacrifice was not cheap, but it was perfect. Once and for all, the only thing that cheapens it is if we do not walk in His power, love and sound mind.

So this was another paragraph that I had to explain some of what is being said about grace. I tell people all the time that they are under grace, yet people will focus on the Ten Commandments and not the one new commandment of Jesus, that covers them all, to love one another.

If we speak grace, we have the King for a friend. Grace and truth came through Jesus, and He is the King that befriends us. We are to speak blessings over other believers, children. We should be slow to speak, slow to anger. We should be able to give gentle answers and turn wrath from us. We should know when to answer only yes or no. We do not have to over explain or defend ourselves. Too much confessing, can be from the wicked one and give way to ridicule and gossip.

So put away all that foolish and corrupt speaking. Have a sense of humor but in a wholesome way. Focus on His words and pray the word over your situations. You will learn a new language, grace.

When people confide it me, it stays that way. Have I asked others advice about sinners? Yes. But those prayer request and stories are confidential unless I have permission to relay them. And usually, if I do, I change it with, I knew someone once, or you don’t know her but, still the truth, but an example and it hurts no one.

Grace is mercy, grace is forgiveness, grace is kindness, and grace is love. What more can I say? Oh, I could fill a blog or a book with praise for the one that is all gracious and loving. Grace is a person, and grace is peace. Grace has a name and His name is Jesus.

Jesus is grace, has a pure heart and we can read the words He speaks,  Be healed. My peace I give you. Your faith has made you whole. Speak Jesus, speak grace. If He’s in your heart, it will be pure and graceful. Rebecca Jones



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