Wise Hearted Woman


In Exodus 35, we read about the wisehearted women who were gifted of God to sew and weave and spin in order to make curtains and linens for the Tabernacle Moses would build in the wilderness. They were the counterparts of the men who built the furniture, except their names aren’t recorded and the men’s are.

Yet, these women were gifted of God, favored and creative as well and productive and industrious, they sat at looms and fashioned colors of blue, scarlet and purple. They are comparable to Lydia in the book of Acts, who not only sewed but had a business, gave to the poor and funded the gospel of Christ.

So these women had wise hearts. First, they followed God. They were given gifts or talents and an assignment from  the Lord. They were dedicated and determined. They worked hard, but we know that Jesus lifted curses from believers in the Garden of Gethsemane, when His blood hit the earth and redeemed the curse assigned to Adam, that He would toil. Our work should be enjoyable and glorify God.

The same is true for childbirth and women, there are so many modern advances. So many babies and mothers died before. Of course, you have to be a believer and claim and stand on His promise. And I even read story of a woman who had already had five at home, but had to go the hospital. She told of an angelic encounter as she watched a woman on a table bleeding profusely, she had the baby, but needed a blood transfusion. So God is good, He made sure she had the help she needed.

The women were faithful. They were diligent. All the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman probably describe these women. They were not lazy or foolish. They just trusted God, they could have complained and argued but they worked together to complete what was needed for the Tabernacle. And they did it side by side with the men.

Everyone reads and interprets the Bible in His or her own way, but it is always best to be led of the Spirit. He will open the eyes of your understanding, give you peace that passes it, and He will give wisdom if He is asked, and we are not to be double minded as James says for we will not receive that way.

It is hard to be fearful and faithful, although, personally, I believe love is the opposite to fear. It is hard to believe you will make it and wonder if you will. It’s hard to be a daughter of the King and be locked in a tower. It’s hard to be living and abundant life and speaking fearful and dead or inoperative words to your situation.

As we close our January study on wisdom, we have only scratched the surface of it, she is our sister, crying out for us. We must have it to build our homes with it. We must ask for it, it is a gift. Jesus was wiser than Solomon and so much more. Please go back and reread my posts or even better, Proverbs and James.

I hope you have enjoyed it and learned something because I know I did. I pray He gives us wisdom and makes us wisehearted women. Rebecca Jones / Adina Voicu photograph, thank you


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