Secret Heart, Sacred Rest


I was reading Psalm 91 the other day, and I noticed the word rest being used in verse one. It was used to interchange with abide. Abide, of course, means to settle down, dwell or live in. Rest giving the implication of ease or being at peace. The commentary took it a step farther.

Since the Psalm is in reference to the Tabernacle, you are seated or at rest there in the mercy of God. Then, only the High Priest could enter, but the veil was rent at the crucifixion, and our High Priest, Jesus, gave us access to the throne of God. His blood is on the mercy seat and He rests on the mercy seat of our heart and lives to make intercession for us.

Back in the day, the praisers came, but there were so many rituals involved, the mikvah baths, both outer and inner court adherences. But Jesus cleanses, us washing us and sanctifying us with His pure water of the word. The sun cast a shadow through the tents, perhaps even the glory and no doubt the cherub wings would draw crowds.

We have a better covenant and better promises, from Isaiah 53. We can come in pure and holy, spotless, blameless and shameless before a sovereign Lord, who will not condemn us because His beloved Son gave His life on a cross, and made us righteous, because He took our sins, our punishment, and bore all our sorrows, weaknesses and pain. We can have Communion with Him, and communion with Him. The bread and wine are the two things He swore by or doubly promised by Him. He is not a man that can lie.

We can come and sit, rest, remain in that glory. It is the rest the Israelites never entered and many do not now as in Hebrews for. We are to labor or work for that rest because it doesn’t come naturally, we think we have to do something. But Jesus finished it, all we have to do is come, weary, heavy laden and down trodden. He will gives rest, His peace that passes understanding.

We can stand and uplift our hands, kneel before our Maker, or sit in His presence where there is peace, where there is joy, We can look right into the face of love and be overcome by the beauty that is Jesus, though we may not actually see Him, we can know His presence, and some have been blessed with dreams and visitations. No wonder He will destroy the enemy with the brightness of His coming.

Invite Jesus into your heart, if you are already a believer, then expect good things from the Lord who loves you. Seek His presence, ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray, talk to Him about anything at all. Sit there inthe secret place of the Most High, El Elyon and rest under the shadow of the Almighty, Yahweh. He doubles this promise.

And in the Bible, shadows can represent protection…He who sits on the throne and mercy seat has us covered. We are under His wings. Jesus casts a long shadow, He longs for us to enter the secret place and stay, worship in sacred rest. Rebecca Jones

   Hearts ♥♥♥♥ ❤ ❥❤ ❥❤ ❥♥♥♥♥:


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