The Way of Wisdom


I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. Proverbs 4:11

Have you ever had piano lessons? You have to have instruction. Driven a car, you had a driving instructor. the same is true if you ski, scuba or sky dive. it is true if you take ballet or gymnastics. I spent a lot of time with aerobics instructors.

Someone is always there to teach you, parents who will give you scoldings on table manners or eye rolls. Grandparents who will tell you stories about the good old days ( though the Word warns against calling them that, because our hope looks ahead ), they regale you  with tall tales and spoil you but mean well.

There are teachers, sitters, pastors, a host of people we encounter to teach us and lead us in something, whether reading or algebra. And yet, all these things are knowledge. We learn them. They are not necessarily wisdom. Wisdom is in some instances, common sense. It is not good to do the eye roll at your parents, but do children do this?

If you’re old enough, you don’t run in front of cars, or cheat on tests. Now, that is getting some wisdom. Let’s talk some more about how God leads us into wisdom. He will, upon receiving Jesus as Lord, save you. He will baptize you with His Spirit as well if you ask and it is a powerful experience. He will give you the Holy Spirit to be your best teacher. He will guide you into all truth because He is the Spirit of truth.

He will draw you God, give you the desires of your heart which are God’s dreams for you. He will walk you through and talk you through, if necessary, any thing you may need Him to.  Proverbs 21:16 make it plain and it doesn’t get any plainer, that if you don’t walk in the way of wisdom, you will wind up dead.

That should be a sobering though to young people before they take the first drink or smoke the first dope, but sadly, many are not loved enough to be taught wisdom and even worse still they just will not listen.

Wisdom will save you from evil, from those who speaks devious things. Proverbs 2:12 While Isaiah 40:14 asks rhetorically who taught the Lord? Job 28:23 declares God alone understands  the way of wisdom. He knows where it can be found.

And we do too. So let’s look up a few verses, and put our feet on God’s path, the way of wisdom. Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones


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