Wise In Your Own Eyes


Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment  to your bones. Proverbs 3:7,8

How many people do we know that are wise in their own eyes? I know, your making a list. I never was one really, in fact, I think I tried to be, to be strong and have great faith. But inside, I felt like a nobody. But God showed me that was not so. He had guided me since the age of eleven. Though I have yet to accomplish many of the things He dreamed for me and I hoped for, I know I have succeeded in learning that fear the Lord, that is reverence and respect that sacrifice. He never wants us to be afraid of Him.

I have to admit I was afraid of not having enough faith, of His power, of enemy attacks. All of these bring me running to the Lord as a shield and fortress. We are not to suppose we are always right. So much of what I thought about was God was not true.

Instead of an angry man with a gray beard throwing thunderbolts at me for my mistakes and letting me go through perils to teach me a lesson, He gave His beloved Son to save me, He was beaten, his beard plucked, literally, torn  from His face. He is love personified and He is sovereign and just. He does keep His word and so should we. Even if we fail, He is faithful. Jesus made a way for us when there was no way.

His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher. We see the natural, He sees the supernatural. We see mountains, He says speak to them, they will move if you believe me. He sees time differently from eternal viewpoints. We look at it by a clock or calendar, chronologically. We see the impossible. He makes all things possible.

We dwell in the here and now and worry about the future, or relive the past. That is a dangerous place to wander  around, the what if’s, or why me’s, or if only. The madman roamed the tombs, he could not even be chained and cut himself with rocks, much like people do today. It brought him a strange relief to see his blood and know he was still alive in such a place as this a place of death, the past, distant memories.

Jesus crossed in the boat to this town plagued with demonic forces, one tried to sink the boat and Jesus slept until the disciples called Him, He calmed it with His word and was able to deliver the madman to his sound mind. Abel’s blood cried out, maybe the madman’s did. Perhaps, Jesus heard his cries, a fragment of a tormented soul.

No, the past and bad and bitter memories should be laid to rest. Keep your focus on the new things God will do. Jesus’ blood cried out as well. You have to release others with forgiveness and shun the urge to be mad, sad or angry. Then refreshing comes.

Don’t let your heart become angry or bitter, take a moment to rethink those thought. Even if you have a right to be angry or hurt. It is not good for your soul. It is not wisdom, it is not health. Don’t harden your heart over small things, they will grow larger each day. Don’t let don’t and unbelief creep in and put evil into your heart and mind. Shun it, stay away from it, turn your back on it.

God’s word is loaded with wisdom. It is loaded with peace, joy and love. Look at things in God’s perspective. He is wisdom, He will give you wisdom. And you will find health and healing and refreshment will come. God knows what He is doing even if we don’t, we should’nt count on ourselves, that is being wise in our own eyes. Rebecca Jones / freerangestock


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