Seek The Wisdom of Jesus


“Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers? Matthew 13:54

Jesus was wiser than Solomon. He was God in the flesh. But even so, He experienced humanity. He was in all ways human. He was tempted, tested and tormented by the religious. He suffered more than any human being. It was a vicious, cruel, and undeserved death put on Him, by us.

We didn’t deserve heaven, He didn’t deserve hell. He paid a high price for people who could care less. Many do not believe and sad to say, some of those who do are far less interested in knowing  Him than they should be.

Jesus was pure love. Wouldn’t it be good if we could come close? I can barely imagine that though I try. People were amazed at Jesus. They marveled at His wisdom.  They knew Him as the carpenter’s son.

He was also falsely accused and for that I am deeply sorry too. He should not have come to save me and had to be called Beelzebub or a wine bibber. What awful people mocked and scorned and ridiculed and yet, He loved them, kept His mouth shut and healed, delivered and worked miracles.

Yes, Jesus was the wisest of all, so it is wise to follow His word and keep His commandment to love, don’t let others steal your joy, or your peace. He is good all the time and worthy of our praise.

And I give Him mine. I did not deserve such love, though I expected a miracle, I already had one in my heart, the wisest of all, Jesus. Rebecca Jones / shutterstock




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