A Mouthful of Wisdom


Proverbs 1:25-32 speaks of those who are following their own wisdom, it tells how they will fall into trouble, refusing God’s wisdom, rejecting His counsel. God says He will laugh at their calamity. He will mock when terror comes on them.

I know this may not sound like the loving Father, I have come to know. But this is Old Testament, and before Jesus made it possible to go boldly to the throne of grace. I read a wonderful phrase this week. God wants to kiss your life with mercy.

And indeed, I believe He does. But just because we live under a covenant of grace and truth, does not give us freedom to do as we please in an ungodly life. We have freedom from sin not to sin. We have freedom from condemnation, not to condemn. We still have no reason to think that we can mock God by quoting these points and wander off after our own wisdom.

God is not mocked. It is serious business. Especially, concerning spiritual gifts and callings. You simply can not walk away from Him. His gifts and callings are never revoked. He will never leave you and never forsake you. This is the God of love, and so for you to put  upon Jesus again the shame and punishment He already took is a mockery.

If you don’t believe in spiritual gifts, don’t mock those who do. It is a dangerous, slippery, slope. It is like praying to be healed and then believing that He may only heal some and not others. This is double minded and doubtful.

He will never tell you things to hurt you. I used to refuse medicine at times in a pitiful effort to increase faith. But that was not God. He knew I believed. So take your medicine and pray and He will guide you. He expects you to be wise and never foolish.

This is still a passage to take note of God, loves us and He laughs with us, the people He will laugh at have caused Him extreme hurt, not accepting the precious gift of His Son, serving sin and lies, deceiving themselves.

These are people who will eat the fruit of their own mouths and have to be satisfied with there own results and scheming. Even if the results are bitter and their fruit chokes them. Our mouths are filled with good things, the fruit of our lips are His words. We respect and revere an awesome God.

So, He will be laughing with us, smiling upon us and forever our Abba, He adopted us and loves us. We will not be the wayward or foolish children who are destroyed or killed because we abandoned wisdom. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo


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