Be Teachable, Be Wise


In Proverbs 9, we read about a wise woman and how she builds her house and prepares meals while foolish women sit in the doors and invite  men in. Although the harlot imagery is present, the clear idea is a parallel of being prudent  or wise and simple or foolish.

I have heard many others say that you need to have a teachable spirit and that is so true. If you try to manipulate God’s Word to fit you or what you believe, it will not work. Many people ask and do not receive, because they are asking for the wrong things or for the wrong reasons.

If you want healing, just to be the center of attention, that is wrong. If you want to be healed, to give God the glory, and to be a witness to others, that’s wisdom.  And a wise person will accept instruction, correcting the foolish can get you hurt or bruised. I have had this happen to me, mostly by those who thought I was younger and didn’t know as much or even because of being a woman.

A wise woman will we teachable, she will accept correction from the Word and from the Holy Spirit. It is a worthy goal to maintain a teachable spirit, I learn something new everyday. And I attempt to share that. we never want to he huffy, haughty or proud, not in refusing wisdom or even sharing it.

I know I have been too firm at times, knowing the seriousness of a problem. But because I am open to the correction of the Holy Spirit, I have quickly turned that around, trusting in His grace and goodness and protection of others until they, themselves see the light. I maintain a teachable spirit. Do I always want to? For the most part, especially after seeing His healing hand in action.

There are times though that I fight being offended, have to back off and stay quiet. And a quiet and gentle, peaceful spirit is a more beautiful adornment that any other jewelry or hairdo. Although my new haircut and color is cute, my peaceful nature that I have come to love, has to stay in a teachable wisdom mode. When I get irritated, I will start to mutter and don’t want to be a complainer or whiner.

That’s not a constant state of mind to be in, but  we all need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a pat on the back, from time to time and we all should lend an ear and be a friend, a sister in wisdom. We should counsel others wisely, and receive counsel wisely.

Again the gentle, peaceful woman is wise and teachable, while the woman at the door opens it to all sorts of troubles. The foolish woman is tearing down her house with her actions and words, she is loud and clamorous, and it would be better to live on the roof. And the gentle, peaceful woman builds up her house in wisdom, it is in her words and her kindness.  She is often in her prayer closet.

It is a decision that we all must make at some point in our lives. Do we want to be wise and teachable? Or loud, unruly and obnoxious? I have always wanted the former, I love peace and quiet. I don’t mind active or energetic but I don’t like wild, frenetic, that’s not my kind of music, that’s not my kind of life.

I like to plan things out, sort things out. I like to think things through, but I like for others to do the same, they don’t always. So, I have to balance my life, I need to rest and sleep and I have to pay close attention to the Lord in order to maintain my teachable spirit and I think I like that woman a lot better. Rebecca Jones / stock photo


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