The Music of Wisdom


The music of wisdom. I thought of that upon seeing this lovely lady in white, at the piano. Wouldn’t that be so nice, even heavenly, to go through our days in a rhythm with the Holy Spirit that is so in tune to God’s voice?

He does rejoice over us with singing. Zephaniah 3:17. And while I could see heaven in thundering praises, I know that He is rejoicing in a soft and soothing voice over us, if we are walking in His wisdom. Remember, not our own.

How do we do that? By embracing His Word and letting it be as a song of praise, filling our prayers and fueling our praise. Wisdom is simply this. When fear, terror or torment strikes, the unholy three, strike. Begin to sing, ” When I am afraid, I will trust in you. ” Psalm 56:3. Remember, that the phrase, ” Fear not. ” is there in His Word, 365 times. Your one a day vitamin is sufficient, but it will not hurt you to take more. You can never over dose on His Word. What is maddening is the disobedience to it.

If you start to worry, remember, that His eye is on every little sparrow. It was never His will for any death to touch the earth or His creation. In a fallen world, He had to allow man’s authority to be the enemy’s until Jesus could redeem us. That’s why we, as believers are to take back the authority Jesus gave us.

I love to watch the sparrows, tiny little creatures that flit about and the Father provides for them without worry and He knows, with sadness every life that ends. I’m sure heaven is loaded with little sparrows, pets, beloved relatives and friends, if they chose to believe His love. We have to make a decision to let Him kiss our lives with His grace and mercy.

Wisdom is choosing joy over sadness. Peace over anxiety. remember, who our peace and joy are. Wisdom is not grieving the Holy Spirit who will remind you of all truth. He is the Spirit of truth. So don’t grieve, it brings you joy and strength.

Wisdom is putting our faith into action. Wisdom is being a doer not a hearer only. Wisdom is the principal or main thing and is our sister who cries out to us in dark places to let the light of Jesus illuminate our lives. Wisdom is God and love is God.

So if we want to live a life of harmony, we need to allow the melodious voice of the Holy Spirit, to hover over us, brood over us, gather us close to Jesus. He will lift us up and draw us toward the Father. Heaven will rejoice with laughter and song, but in the mean time, we could have a little thy will be done on earth, a little heaven on earth, by listening to the music of His wisdom. Rebecca Jones / Nge Le photo, thank you.


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