A Word To The Wise



She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the law of kindness is on her tongue. Again we find ourselves in Proverbs 31. I suppose that could be overwhelming to a newlywed. In fact, it could overwhelm anyone at times, even those long married women. We all get these notions, even if we are strong in faith, that we aren’t as good. We start looking at other people in comparison, and that takes our focus off Jesus.

While there are those that think the Proverbs 31 woman is either a metaphor, a dream girl or something unobtainable and others are struggling or striving to grab it as though it were a brass ring, we really know that we are nothing without Jesus and only through Him can we do ” all ” things.

So., let’s look at this particular phrase. We have a month of posts but actually, it will be an eternity of studying His Word and then we still will be learning. This couples wisdom and kindness together. It could also be categorized as fruit of the lips, or the power of the tongue.

Of course, kindness is a fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:25, and there is no law against these. Nor should there be. People should be amazed at the kindness of Christians. And even more astounded at the kindness of God. If we really only knew the number of times we’ve been spared from something terrible, we wouldn’t hesitate to know His goodness. It could have been a delay, or flat tire, a storm that blew past. Miracles are everywhere, in our hearts and in our mouths, our words have creative power, and kindness equates with wisdom.

How is being kind wise? The same way being mean or angry is not. I have people show me, and even send me pictures a lot of times, I never say “what bad pictures “, not that they were. Me? I like perfect ones. It doesn’t always happen, unless you get someone who can sit still and doesn’t mind retake. In fact, I complimented a few people on their family photos, they were very natural. Everyone themselves, casual and laughing playfully or standing out in hiking trail. They were good pictures. So are mine.  Say cheese!

I have had to let some things slide that annoy me, I pick battles. Complimenting people on pictures that are good is easy. I looked at quite a few. I’ve had to listen to some same old stories. I’ve had to excuse myself and disagree with jokes I didn’t like or even Christian beliefs, but I won’t argue.

It’s wise to say a blurred photograph is nice, and everybody thinks theirs is the cutest baby. But it’s hard to be kind to people cutting you off in line, the grouchy boss, or the slow cashier. But, ” Have a nice day. “, buying a cup of coffee or please thank you, go  long way. Here, in the south, people still say yes ma’am and no sir, and vice verse, but I don’t mind if it’s simply yes or no and not… huh?

Another thing people are forgive me for saying this but, ignorant of…is what they are talking about. You usually don’t see people making fun of handicapped people, although I’m sure they do, but I’ve the names, I have heard. And for foreigners. And for looks, some of these are people talking about their own problems, even in a self deprecating manner, and they don’t even realize how it is hurting the other person and even themselves as a believer. God loves and values you, you are His child. If you don’t like what people say about your child, how do you think He feels about His?

Weight, looks, education, are just a few jabs and stabs on the prickly, tongued cactus of unkindness. There is no law against kindness, there is against mean. God’s law is love, His gospel peace. So a virtuous woman has kindness in her words, is firm and gentle and never insincere. If you can’t be kind at least be quiet, that’s also wisdom. Rebecca Jones / stock photo

If you care you scroll back down, you will find that my whole month of January is filled with posts on wisdom.


2 thoughts on “A Word To The Wise

  1. Rebecca – you are so right -there is a law against mean .. I always say what my momma use to say to me .. “if you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” It hurts my heart when I hear people being mean, unkind and hurtful with their words and actions. even when it happens in a movie, I often find myself crying for the hurt of the person enduring the mean things said and done to them. Thank you for sharing today at #CoffeeForYourHeart where I am blessed to be your neighbor


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