Listen To Wisdom


Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. Proverbs 19:20

Now is this a Proverb or what? And it is full of wisdom. Who should we listen to?  We should listen to some we are sure of who has wisdom. Someone who rightly divides the Word of faith, will have fruit and you will see changes in the lives of others.

Even though the changes may not be evident at first you will see a difference over time. Make sure to study and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom, and discernment. You don’t have to believe everything everyone says, believer or not , minister or not. It should be confirmed in the mouths of two or three witnesses.

This week for instance, I have heard twice, from two different blogs about the valley of dry bones. Elijah prophesied to the valley of dry bones, after God asked him if they could live. Of course, his answer was only you know. Because in the natural, we can do nothing, it is God who calls back life to the dead, or things as though they were not. Romans 4:17

This is something He wants us to do as believers, He wants us to speak life into dry places. We need to speak life to our dry bones. Maybe, we not physically dead ( He can raise them, though, and believers by faith. ) but sickness and disease, speak the healing words of God. Is your marriage on the rocks? Put it back on the rock, Jesus. Speak life into it.

Remember, demons run around and through dry places, seeking no rest they go back to where they came and are seven times worse. The devil copies everything he can because he cannot create. We know seven is God’s perfect number.

So seek wisdom from wise men and women, walk with the wise and grow wise. Wisdom is a sister, but Holy Spirit is the wisest of all. Listen to wisdom and in the future you will remember that wisdom and counsel, the Holy Spirit reminds you. Rebecca Jones / pixabay


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