Wisdom Is My Sister



Say to wisdom, you are my sister.  Proverbs 7:4

Some would find this laughable, maybe you have a sister who was always taking your clothes or boyfriend. Or worse, the ones who have let drugs or alcohol take control of their lives. There may be silly sisters or what we used to call air headed. No harm intended, no blonde jokes inferred.

And then maybe you have been blessed with one who is there for you. You call each other, shop, and can confide the deepest secrets to each other without them exploding on Facebook. If that’s the case, good for you. You are blessed.

You may have sisters who are not related like SIC, Sisters in Christ. I’m glad to have some to chat with about lots of things, trustworthy ones, not chat rooms, but bloggers and Pin friends. I suppose there are safe chat rooms, I have a Christian community of women I blog with, and I still don’t know everyone. I don’t have to. I take prayer requests and this past week I have prayed for everything from a job to shattered ankle. And I see results.

I am pleased to say I know He’s still in the miracle business. He hears and and answers because of Jesus, let’s just believe. I have been so blessed to pray for people, it’s a privilege. And it’s wonderful for them to pray for me. We were never made to be isolated or alone, mocked or ridiculed. We were made to love and be loved as women of faith and that is what we should do.

We know the story of Jacob’s dream, how the angels were climbing up and down the ladder. So let’s keep our angels busy answering prayers and let’s be earth angels ourselves and if you’re at the top rung reach back to someone else and help her along, without criticism, condemnation or judgement. And even if you’re one the bottom rung or just ahead, you have something to give, something to offer.

Don’t ever forget that to pray for others in your crisis is being unselfish just like Jesus. Maybe you are not a minister’s wife or a televangelist, but they still need prayer. Someone like me who writes for you and teaches His Word, we are no exception. I pray so much intercession at times that I really have to sleep.

There are days I can literally sleep twelve hours, I have heard of an actor playing Jesus sleeping as many as twenty seven after filming certain scenes or perhaps it was the crucifixion. For most of us following His steps is not always easy, and yet, we are the beloved. If we listen and obey the Holy Spirit it is much easier to rest in Him.

Finally, has wisdom become our sister? Are we close to her? Or do we only call her once a year?  Do we remember growing up together? Do we argue? Do we neglect her more mature, sound advice? I know sisters who were once close, and close in faith, who are now distant, isolated and will even neglect to call or e mail. Have we put ourselves into the ” what about me ” so much that we are neglecting our sisters, or our sister wisdom.

Our sister wisdom, calls us from home, on her cell, in the streets, from the market. She texts us with happy faces and clean jokes. She tells us when to speak up, when to be quiet. She tells us to rest. She knows how to turn a phrase, what flowers we like. She checks up on us regularly but is never a nuisance.

She reminds us of God’s love, that we are Daughters of the King, and to be the beloved. She whispers encouragement in our ears and not gossip. She boasts about Jesus and not her abundance. She laughs with me, cries with me and bears my burdens with her strength and dignity. She is clothed with garments of praise and splendor and lends me her closet to pray in. She is a light to me, her oil of joy burns for others. She is a sage, wise beyond years for even in her youth she wore wisdom, a crown upon her head, she was wisdom from God. She was born with wisdom sealed upon her lips with a kiss of peace.

If this sounds like your sister. I am so glad for you. If it sounds like the sister you want to be, good for you. If it sounds like the sister in Christ you are or want to be good for you. So are you close to her, can you call wisdom you sister? Whether wisdom is a woman is debatable but I think so because women can truly help men who will listen and respect them. Women are dear to Christ.

Whether wisdom is an angel or a spirit that He blesses women with or just the Holy Spirit’s intuitive, feminine side, I don’t know. But we are to walk with the wise and to do that we need our sister, wisdom to carry the torch of freedom and light our way through the darkest of times.

Wisdom is like the phrase of a Lord Byron poem, she walks in beauty like the night. Rebecca Jones /pixabay


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