Cheer Up, Put On A Happy Faith!


I wanted to really write something to encourage you today. Maybe, you have been ill. Or perhaps, you’ve lost someone close. Or maybe, you’re just waiting on Mr. Right and it is all going wrong.

If you’ve lost your job, if you are suffering depression, fatigue or anything. take a day off! Now don’t lie about being sick to get out of work, but take a day off, get a sitter, grab a friend and go shopping. That’s right, go shopping, don’t go in debt, but buy something new. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but don’t go to Goodwill. And no yard sales. That is not shopping.

I once read a story about a girl who had to take a gift to school for Christmas. She was from a poor family. Fortunately, her quick thinking grandmother grabbed some preserves and began to wrap it up in a pretty piece of paper she had, and tied a ribbon on it. The little girl was elated, but her mother didn’t get it. Grandma explained that if she started believing she was poor, she’d always be poor. Now this goes along with wisdom.

We all have our sloppy days, we sit around in jammies or sweatpants. Maybe, we don’t wash our hair or wear makeup or even bathe now and them. My skin gets so dry  I go with every other day, and lotions.

But it is easy to fall into patterns and believe untruths about ourselves sown into us by others and unkind, cruel words. It is easy to internalize things, to cry a lot or not cry at all, to be emotional, as women, especially, and at certain times in our lives, and just our biological make up, we can think and worry ourselves into depression.

I am not making light of anyone’s symptoms. I know there are people who are experts in hypochondria, but most people do not want to be sick for any length of time, much less chronically. Not even for attention. There are people who enable others but there truly are suffering people and I am speaking to you today. Jesus loves you, values you, if you are a believer, and you were worth Him dying for.

If you are reading this and do not know Jesus, He loves you and gave His life for you to be saved, as Him into your life, and begin to see His mercies new ever morning. Wash your face, brush your teeth, sing His praises. Jesus is your joy and strength.

Buy some new shoes, hang out at the perfume counter, get a new lipstick. But lift yourself up and let Jesus lift your head. Even if you have a serious disease, get someone to help you, or if you are the caregiver, you need a break, too.  Pay the compliments, encourage someone, take them shopping or give them a few little gifts. Go for a walk, sit in the park, feed the birds. Have a cup of coffee, anything you can to help someone feel better.

Once I was at a store, an older lady turned to me. Her eyebrows were just wrong, drawn wrong, the wrong color, I truly hope no one hurt her feelings. At least she was trying. Never be insincere, if you can’t be kind. Be quiet. No one likes phony. Me? I’m honest, I might get irritable or tired sometimes, but I truly care. I  want you to be healed. Even if you have cancer or some debilitating illness, physical or emotional, mental. Take your medicine, read your healing verses, sow Jesus into your life. And let His love begin to heal you. I am experiencing His healing power even today as I rest, sleep. That is important.

When I was very ill, I often could not sleep. I prayed both in the natural and in the spirit. I would just sit in bed and sing Amazing Grace, I just thanked Him for healing He provided on the cross, even if I did not see it yet.

I never gave up wearing make up, even if had a day or two of wearing a sleep shirt. Some things can get to be a habit. It can easily sink the best of us. So get a new hairdo, a mani pedi or something special, and even a box of dark chocolate. Don’t give up on Jesus, He hasn’t given up on you, words matter, and this is His Word today, I love you, you are my daughter, cheer up, put on your happy faith. Rebecca Jones / public domain photo



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