Crowned With Wisdom


What exactly is a crown? Oh, silly me, it’s that thing you wear on your head at a beauty pageant if you win, and smile and wave. No, not the little tiara that goes with a tutu to wave you wand and viola, that’s pretend, make believe. And real magic is not something Christians should be dabbling in.

So what is a crown, let’s look at the word, ” stephanos “, in Greek, a victor’s crown. like an athlete or winner of a race, they were made of leaves and encircled the head, like a laurel. I had a friend named Laurie tell me her name also meant crown. And that’s probably why people will say no rest on your laurels, or past victories, but I’d say go ahead. God wanted us to labor for His rest, and remembering past victories will help you overcome. Our victory is in Jesus, and we overcome by His blood and our testimony. And we will have an overcomer’s crown.

There is a crown of life and for winning souls, but let’s talk about the crowns we aren’t told about receiving in heaven. Aren’t we crowned with goodness and tender mercies? Isn’t an excellent wife a crown to her husband? And Paul, in Phillipians 4:1 calls his brothers and sister, his joy and crown.

The crown of righteousness is another that is awarded on the day of judgement, but we are robed in righteousness aren’t we because of His atonement? We could never be righteous, like He was never sinful. So if it is appointed for us to die, and yes, you may take that literally, what if it is also spiritually? We are crucified with Him. Raised to sit in heavenly places. So what if, as we grow in grace and come into new life in Him and begin to experience the fulfillment of His plans for us, what if He’s crowning us with righteousness already? Something to think about.

What about the crown of splendor in the hand of the Lord? And children’s children are to be a crown? I know many families are faced with the angst of seeing their children and grandchildren going astray, maybe, it’s time to kick the devil to the curb and stand up for Jesus and declare them your crown. Oh, and all hairs they’ve given you? You guessed it, they are crown. ( I’m still coloring mine. )

Personally, I think we can wear many crowns, wisdom, peace, joy. The crown of splendor is interchangeable with the word glory many times in the Old Testament. It is the golden, “aura ” for lack of a better word that surrounded or encircled Adam and Eve, they lost it, Jesus gave it back to us if we will receive Him and walk in the Spirit.

Crowns are for private life, diadem implies royalty. It is like a tiara worn by the High Priest, and who is our High Priest? Crowns were worn by guests at feasts, kings and priests. And aren’t we invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? And aren’t we supposed to be kings and priests. You can really dig deep into this word study. And while Isaiah 62:3 is speaking of Israel, He compares it to a bride, and the phrase is doubled using both words for crown, Jew and Gentile. He is wearing one, and perhaps holding one, in a nail scarred palm or wrist.

And Revelation 3:11, it says He’s coming soon. And we are to hold fast and let no one seize or take our crowns. He gave us His crowns and wore a bloody, thorny, one instead. God is our crown and He loves us and call us His crown of beauty. Not woven leaves that fade and crumble, but gold refined in God’s fire. Let’s choose to believe  that wisdom is also a crown, let’s ask our Father for one and wear it.  Rebecca Jones



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