Leaning on Wisdom


We are supposed to trust in the Lord with all our heart and not be leaning on our understanding. Simply put, we don’t understand everything. We’re not God. No matter how intelligent or educated you may be, you’ll never be as wise as God. Even with the mind of Christ, we’re human, it’s only by Him we have any wisdom or overcome anything.

So don’t worry about education. If you’re in debt for college or only a person with a high school equivalent or have Master’s degrees, God is still your wisdom. He is the author of your day and He is the God of Peace. Trust Him, stop leaning on your understanding.

How we perceive things is not always, the way they are, in the natural. Jesus looked to His Father in the supernatural. That was where His wisdom came from, although He was God in the flesh, He had taken human form and was facing everything we’d go through.

He went through every trial, every temptation, and was successful and skilled in the Word. He had to use it on the enemy and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. And that that’s the very same Spirit He gives us. We have His words, His wisdom.

So let’s lean into Jesus, instead of our own understanding. Lean on His everlasting arms. Walk the the wisest one of all, and be sensitive and quiet to the Holy’s Spirit in us. January is a month to study wisdom, I had to add worship as one of my words. Worship is intimate and we can worship Him at any time, whenever we need His peace or presence.

I also read that January is a month for healing. I feel that, too. Wisdom, worship, healing. That’s getting off the New Year to a great start. Rebecca Jones




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