More Than Hearers Only


But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James 1:22, but I like NIV, Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

Isn’t that really what Mary said at the wedding. Just do what Jesus says, but we don’t. How many times have you had to forgive? Even last week? Me, everyday. I can’t let it hurt me and it will. As far as offended, same thing, I have to let go. Am I using wisdom? Not always. I let the devil draw me in. I fall for it.

I start trying to defend myself and I get in trouble. I should let the Lord do it and I would love to give you the verse if you face the same problem, but I can’t find it.  It is very hard not to speak up against false accusations. It is tough to keep quiet if you are in the right and God is on your side.

I would like to do everything without arguing and complaints. I am gifted with words and I make myself clear. I can tell you matter of fact, and I can take you into the love of Jesus that will make your heart warmed by His sacrifice. I can’t talk to some people the way I write. They just don’t get it.

And spiritual gifts appear to be a language all their own. And tongues are diverse and a gift, but there are so many people who have not been taught that and are reluctant to accept it. And indeed, Jesus wanted me to back off that a little. Love matters more than anything, it’s just that I depended on it  for myself so much, for healing and to come out of certain situations not of my making.

Love is paramount. But are we doers here? Do we really love sinners, hate the sin? I think I may have done that more than dealing with some Christians in love. Are Christians really so unlovable? Sometimes. I said today I hate the way I have become trying to accomplish the good work gave me to do with people who are determined not to be hearers. I am not loud nor, obnoxious, but I catch myself in that tone, and there I go defending myself and I’m letting my good be evil spoken of. And that is not good, even if it not about food laws.

Let’s keep hearing. Hearing in our minds, our hearts and spirits. Let’s be strong when we need to be and remember there is a time to keep silent. Let’s keep hearing the Holy Spirit. That is why we have to keep that rest and quiet, and let His peace rule in our hearts.

We have His blessing and favor as believers, and we should be on the same side. It is wisdom to know, He is Lord and the enemy knows that if he can divide, the Lord’s house will not stand, not our homes, and we and our houses should serve the Lord. And even our own selves, the temple of our bodies, if we open doors to the devil and believe his lies and accusations, we will fail. We will live condemned and tormented lives. That’s not what Jesus came for! He loved us and died for us.

Don’t answer his accusations, his arguments, cast them down with the word. But don’t argue the word. The devil will always try to have the last one, but we know the Living Word, the Bread of Life and we live by Him alone, His say is final, so agree with Him for blessings, health and provision. He loves to talk to us, He listens.

And He is greater than he that is in the world. You hear us, Lord and keep your promises.  Help us to be doers of your word and not only hear, the but the Holy Spirit, the Son, the very voice of the Lord, Himself. Rebecca Jones  / freerangestock

  • If I locate verse, I will add it.

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