Speaking Words of Wisdom


Let it be, let it be. I know an old Beatles song and I have a title to this post but there is a ring of truth in that even if caused girls to swoon and a British invasion, it resonates. I’m not being cheeky, either. And I love Brits.

When the angel appeared to Mary, she had no idea how she would bear a child without a husband, but she agreed to the Lord’s plan, and did reply in a sense, let it be. On the other hand, Zacharias couldn’t believe it either, and the angel had to shut him up.

The words of wisdom become then to let it be. Mary’s agreement with God’s plan caused the Holy Spirit to overshadow her natural thinking. She received her miracle and because of her faith so did we.

Think about it, God commanded light to be. It was. I’m sure He commands many things and we don’t know about them, maybe, like Zacharias, we can’t believe it. That’s why we don’t see more of the divine, the miraculous.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say like Mary, just to ” Let it be. ” as God said. We too, are His handmaidens, servants. But even more so because Jesus had been crucified and risen and is seated at the right hand of God making intercession for us.

We are now, accepted, chosen, called and ordained. We are a royal priesthood. We are His beloved and He is ours. There is love and joy and peace in His presence and to stand there in His glory would be something.

We have that chance in our quiet time, our secret place and we can go boldly before Him, we can stand with outstretched hands and say to Him, ” Your will be done on earth as in heaven, I receive freely from you the Holy Spirit. ”

Speak His words of wisdom, let it be. Rebecca Jones / pexels



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