Walk With The Wise


He who walks with the wise grows wise, but the companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20

An even better translation is, ” Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.” Much better. Much simpler and more plain. Surround yourself wise people, not just those who think they are or the know it all types, you have to be willing to make mistakes, apologize and even amends.

I saw a show where an older man faces a gunfighter down at ten paces. There’s a forty year age difference. He doesn’t draw and gets shot only through the shirtsleeve. Somehow, he the boy was only angry at his father for dying and realized he was not back shot. Two other cowboys ride up in disbelief. One says. ” You mean he had a reason to kill you and didn’t? ” The older one agrees, finds it strange and amusing, the ranch foreman concludes,    ” Neither one of us as wise as the old man. ”

Just being older does not make you wise, ore even a man or woman. There are plenty of little boys running around trying to act like men. And some little girls that also need to grow up. If you hang around immature, self centered, partiers and indulge in a me kind of attitude. You’re not using wisdom, she is chasing you through the streets and you’d better let her catch  you, before harm comes to you or get into trouble. What do you think suffers harm means?  Or get into trouble?

People never say they want to grow up to be an addict or criminal. And don’t get me wrong. Jesus loves you, if you know Him you are forgiven and it’s forgotten forever. You don’t have to live the same way. Use you wisdom and help others.

People who will get you into trouble are not your friends. They never have been or will be. People who don’t take life seriously can end up miserably and take you with them. And me, I’m a little to serious at times, perhaps, but I’ve seen lives ruined, and others go on living, never appearing to think they had a hand in it or did anything wrong, in fact, the blame game is the devil’s tactic, and everyone is responsible for their own decisions.

Make a decision to walk with the wise, seek them out, at work, school or church. And don’t ever be the companion of fools, they usually don’t believe God. But if He is for you, you’ve got it made and He is if you are a believer. Don’t waste your Father’s gift of life. He has good plans and dreams for you, even better than your own parents. And you may not have to face gunfighters, but there are still those with a quick draw when it comes to faith. Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis Unsplash


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