For the Lord gives wisdom and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

Sometimes, that wisdom appears veiled from us, like the bride adorned for the bridegroom, we wait for Him to unveil His truths to us.

Like the curtain in the temple was rent at the crucifixion, the veil is lifted and we are kissed with the kiss of His peace. A gentle kiss, it burns the lips of the bride with the desire for His sweet words and His pure love. He is truth. He cannot lie. This love lasts forever.

The parables and mysteries and dark sayings are now being revealed day by day, as the Spirit of truth guides us. Jesus, our bridegroom, has made us the beloved. We are in His hand and heart forever. The throne of our heart is His mercy seat. And we dwell in the secret place of the Most High, the shadow of His wing enfolds us, angels encamp around us.

Your love for God is as intimate as marriage, if you pass each other in the morning, and live separate lives, too busy for anything but a morning kiss and not even a ” How was your day? ” You are missing Him, man or woman.

If you can bathe and tune out the noise of the day, surround yourself in quiet worship and prayer, a little music, and go bed wrapped in each other’s embrace, you’re getting warm. Jesus longs  for you to look Him in the eye, let you embrace your destiny as a believer, hold Him close and dear and never let Him go.

The physical intimacy of marriage is one thing, the spiritual intimacy of Jesus, still another, it is deeper still, going through your being and soul, the very essence of love and life. There are layers and levels to all relationships, the one ordained by God should be the deepest and purest.

People often try to recreate spiritual experiences and can even get out of Christian truths doing it. Only Jesus, can be the same, yesterday, and forever, and help us to be consistent. My writing is in no way advocating anything but pure Christianity. New age and other teachings can veil demonic forces and devices and deceptions of the enemy, so here is wisdom. The gift of the Holy Spirit. Deepen your relationship with Him.

I pray wisdom is something we will all choose to seek in 2017. Jesus is at the door knocking like in Revelation 3:20, He wants to come in, wiser than Solomon, study the Proverbs, but  wiser still, Jesus. He chose to love us and die for us, no wonder His words appear in red. Now, let’s be wise and not let our lamps burn out.

Keep His wisdom close, in your heart, speak it for others to hear and write it out for others to read. Speaking wisdom and peace, Rebecca Jones/ pexels                 OneWordCoffee_Badge2


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