Wisdom From Above


But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere. James 3:17

Wisdom from above, God’s wisdom is first of all pure. Imagine it falling on you in pray like white snowflakes, or manna from heaven, daily and peaceful wisdom. Wisdom is peace loving because God is, He authors peace and sent us the Prince of Peace. Wisdom is gentle, at all times. Even in discipline, there is a calm, firm tone. I can not even begin to think one would not take God seriously. Wisdom yields to others, I did that, quite a lot. And then there times, I had more wisdom and I should have listened to God instead of people. Wisdom is full of mercy and good deeds. A statement of fact. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere.

I have always been sincere, I may have not meant to be a bit sarcastic or even complain. Sometimes, it was an honest wit, and just a comment. I have cared about people and always tried to help. At least I don’t believe I was ever insincere, only a little insecure. And favorites, yes there are people I prefer to talk to. You have to choose confidants wisely. Jesus loved all the disciples, but Peter, James and John are usually with Him.

James has a lot to say about wisdom, just ask for it. If we don’t get something we ask for we ask amiss. Why? It’s because we pray with our understanding, our human knowledge and not God’s wisdom, we may not be praying His perfect will, even though it is sincere. Healing prayers that question His will to heal, have a ring of doubt and unbelief and sound double minded. We are told we won’t receive that way. Whereas, the prayer of the righteous will save the sick. We may not even see that we are righteous because of Him.

The one sure way, is praying in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit helps you pray the perfect prayer. No doubt, no unbelief. He sees into the Spirit, and sometimes allows you to. Or protects you from harm with His power. He knows the mind and will of God and we will also if we defer to Him, now that’s wisdom.

But we can learn not to be double minded. I hated that in myself. I was the most indecisive person, always seeking approval, when God had given me a green light. Go! Write! Teach my people about love and healing. I knew the Word and while rightly dividing it, I still allowed parts of it to elude me, mainly the Old Testament sacrifices and the type offering Jesus actually was.

I was often studying fear to combat it, sometimes, I think I was letting the devil in a door that I never fully closed. And then I went through the end times, and studied Revelation. I was worried. I had believed it would be here long before now and there must be a lot of people going to be left. I was seeing too many conspiracy theories and too many scenarios. The devil was around every corner, so who was my focus on? Me and my pain, I identified with Christ, and I suffered waiting for something He did in Isaiah 53, He, Himself, carried my pain and shame.

I was more focused on binding demons, rebuking him and watch every thought and word. I was obsessed in the Lord’s healing power, but I was letting the traditions of men make it of no use. I didn’t really understand my spiritual gifts, but I learned. Benefit from my wisdom, please. Ask for salvation and the gift of tongues and use it regularly.

What we focus on is very important. It becomes the main thing in our lives. Everything revolves around it. So, it’s clear to me, my focus has to be on Jesus and my life has to revolve around Him.

Make Jesus Lord, He is peace, He is joy and love and He is the healer. He is wisdom, far wiser than Solomon or James, He can direct you, help you make decisions and avoid bad ones. He will help you find wise women ( and men ) to walk with, respect and look up to as spiritual parents. He, Himself, sent the Holy Spirit, a gift to help you anytime night or day.

Have you been asking for wisdom. God gives freely to all who ask and He is not a respecter of persons. So if you are lacking wisdom, congratulations, you just a PHD, Plain, Honest, and Direct account of wisdom at its finest. Jesus has so many names, wisdom is another one, now I am wise, walking with the Prince of Peace. Rebecca Jones

As a part of studying wisdom, you may want to read Proverbs and James. And if you like scroll back or follow me as we look at wisdom in January. / pexels


2 thoughts on “Wisdom From Above

  1. Hi from your neighbor at Coffee For Your Heart! Good observations. It can be so hard sometimes to seek and follow God’s wisdom instead of worldly wisdom. Especially in this day and age when following Godly wisdom subjects you to ridicule and scorn. But things go so much better when you seek out and apply God’s wisdom, and with it comes peace.


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