Forever, Hold Your Peace



Ever been to the wedding or seen one in  a movie where the minister asks if there is just cause to mot marry a couple, ” Speak now or forever, hold your peace.” Everybody sort of looks around  waiting for someone to jump and object or an old flame to burst in.

Well, as brides of Christ, we don’t have to care who objects to our faith, as long as He knows our hearts. He is our peace, Ephesians 2:14,the peace that we hold dear. And while the past few posts have dealt with speaking our peace, this one is about holding onto it. Don’t let it go.

It’s a precious gift given by Jesus in John 14:27, and the devil wants it. He will try to steal it, just like joy, and he will use people and situations to do it. So we are to be on guard against the wiles of the enemy, sober and vigilant.

I’m not talking about even drinking though it applies, I’m talking about sober in our minds our thoughts, free from depression, panic and worry. That’s sober too. It’s a sobering thought that the devil wants the anointing of God of your life because he lost his. If you lose yours, then you’ll be as helpless as he is.

But Jesus wants us to be as He is. At peace and at rest, and without dying to get it, were we crucified with Him and He gave us our freedom and lifted us up into heavenly places, we’re on equal footing with Jesus, the accuser lost his rights.

Jesus, our Prince of Peace, is our intercessor. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us pray, our prayers as a sweet aroma and an offering before the Lord. Our eternal High Priest, has allowed us to come boldly the throne of grace and receive our requests.

What a joy, and what precious peace, speak now, ask Him to be your bridegroom and Lord, speak peace to your soul, your spirit and speak peace to the body, our own and the body of Christ and forever hold that peace. Rebecca Jones

Simanyi David / pexels

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