Speaking Peace To the Body Of Christ


I passed along the word of knowledge from the Lord about speaking peace to the body to a few trusted intercessors today. I do believe that speaking peace over our own afflictions will allow us to receive healing. But we must first allow ourselves to enter His rest and how can we do that if were are not at peace?

We must not allow circumstances and cares to interfere with that rest. We just can’t. I’ve had to let housework pile up. I haven’t gone out. I seldom watch television. My focus is Jesus, I need Him.

I know what He brought me through, I’ve seen him save people from death. I have been speaking peace to the people I pray for, including a girl with amnesia and a man with ALS. I am praying for a woman with cancer. The doctors have given up, I haven’t, Jesus hasn’t, I hope she doesn’t.

She and her husband are believers but they don’t believe exactly the way I do.  No two people may, I don’t know. I’m always learning, growing in grace and favor. I know love and healing and I know Jesus. This is where believers get into division, the devil knows that causes strife, envy, anger and jealousy. I read about an old lady who refused to have a black man pray for her in the hospital. That is stupid to go to hell for a prejudice.

That’s one thing, but I am careful who prays for me and how I pray for people. I trust a few people to pray for me, one can pray for me and I sleep so well, then of course, my mother, a cousin, and a couple of prayer warriors. You need someone who can back the devil off, not guess at or hope He might heal you if it’s will or He’s not teaching you a lesson or you’ve done something wrong. These are Job’s friends, not mine.

I want the person like Jesus who will put the doubters and naysayers out of the room, and have at it. This prayer will get you well. Some prayers will just let you die. I’m sorry friends, sad but true. I heard a conversation about funeral arrangements with someone in the hospital, Christians who expect the worse, surprised to see her up and about and even the doctors amazed, and then they still are in agreement as to this lame statement, ” I don’t know whose prayers were answered, but I’m glad. ”

Don’t you dare be smug about my Jesus. His sacrifice was too great. If He listened to you there’d be a funeral, He bent down to listen to the Holy Spirit praying through a bold believer, and did the miraculous. Does she take credit? No! He gets the glory!

When you pray, you can pray amiss. When you pray in the Holy Spirit, He never misses. And the person has to be receptive, many people will balk at spiritual gifts. Bottom line, there is too much division in the body.

So we need to speak peace to it, actual physical bodies and the body of Christ as a whole. I have attended Baptist, Pentecostal, and Charismatic services, but I make no claim except to be a believer. I have prayed in Catholic hospitals, for Catholics, Mormons, and even Jehovah’s witnesses. Do I believe like them? No, not about a lot of things.

Is that the most important thing? Probably not, because if they know healing, peace, and the pure love of Jesus, they will be guided into all things by His Spirit, He’s the teacher. He will convict of sin and never condemn. I condemn sin all the time, I see barren, so called Christians, just going to church or saying you are, does not make you so.

What does? The love of Jesus showing in you and the evidence of spiritual gifts. What God promises, He can deliver. He is able when I am not. Grace and peace are in Jesus. Peace to the body. Rebecca Jones


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