Speak Your Peace


I was deciding what to post and the Holy Spirit made the decision for me. December had filled my blog with posts about spiritual gifts. I was tossing in some wisdom and was all geared up to start writing about that in January and then after taking a fall and hurting an old injury and waking up with bronchitis, the Lord spoke to me and it was clear, I had studied healing overcome serious illness, but I was still not completely well and so run down. That’s how we end up tired, run down, sick again. God works in seasons and cycles and so does the enemy, always in an effort to copy.

This was a very clear thought and a powerful one, ” Speak peace to the body. ” I was sure He meant my stiff shoulder, elbow and back. The hacking cough, and sinus headache and it was only the 22nd, my holidays were under attack. I failed to recognize the enemy’s pattern, this had happened before in December, many times.

So I began to pray for myself, I realized that He had given me His gift of peace, in John 14:27, not the world’s peace, which includes all the running to and fro and hectic pace, He never meant for us to keep up with. No wonder He says to come to unto Him, the weary and heavy laden. Matthew 11:28.

I am a believer in laying on hands, speaking healing verses and spiritual gifts. I have seen the miraculous and been given the miraculous, but I am still human, not made to bear all of it alone, I can’t do it all, I can’t run full steam ahead 24/7. I get tired. I grow weary. And I’m sure you do to. And there are people all around who are oblivious to it, either because they are tired too, or just don’t get it.

Jesus had to rest and pray, He went to lonely or secret places. The Holy Spirit had to refresh even Him, in His humanity. So why would I be any different, I can barely touch the hem of His garment? I try, but measuring up to Jesus, I don’t . But you know what, we should because He declares that we are to be like Him and do great things. How? When we are exhausted? The answer is in His rest, His peace. It takes work. We probably should read Proverbs in the New year and work on wisdom, but also Hebrews 4 and the rest verses are a bonus. And a must.

When we pray for ourselves our others, let’s remember, that we have all had trauma, injury, illness, divorce, loss. We all have had trouble. Financial, health issues, or even spiritual ones. Even ministering to our families as believers and be caregivers requires a lot of effort, and we should make time  for ourselves. Daily, quiet time, peaceful, still time. And we really should purpose to give Him priority in 2017.

Let’s remember to speak peace to the body, whether it is our own or the body of Christ. I speak it over you today in Jesus name and pray you have a blessed and prosperous New Year in 2017. And if you care to scroll back a couple of days or check out the next few on my blog, there will be more ” speaking peace “posts, no wonder the Jews say ” Shaloam. ”


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