Speak Peace To The Body


I wanted to mix in some wisdom and healing teach in December and go full throttle on wisdom in January, but that healing is still very weighty on me as I continue to receive my own and continue to walk in it. The Lord has been patient and merciful and I can tell you, He will give a heads up on things, so you can prevent them as well as heal you from past traumas and mental afflictions and illness. My back was such a major source of pain, I focused on Isaiah 53 and not His crucifixion, but High Priesthood. Let me assure you, He wants you well.

The least of Christians are worth every stripe, every lash, every gouge and slap and pluck of His beard. So someone like me who holds Him dear is destined  to walk in divine health, let me help you, too. First, be familiar with healing verses, sow them generously into your spirit, and the Holy Spirit water them. They will spring up into good ground. The enemy will come.

He healed immediately, the devil will try to steal immediately. Some people were healed as they went, that gives the devil opportunity to fill you with worry doubt and afflict you even more if you are not alert. I never tell people to stop medicine or not go to doctors, that’s a good way to die. And He’s not about death but life and life more abundantly.

Please understand Acts 10:38, He healed all that were oppressed of the devil. Do you know how many people are offended with me when I suggest anything of the kind?The devil can’t mess with Christians, God allows it, it’s to teach you something. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Oh, he messes up everything, he is behind sickness, disease, sin, and all evil. And he is fear, torment, terror, death, hell, and the grave. Jesus took the horrible punishment of the cross, went to hell and took the keys. That punishment brought us peace.

Speak healing over yourself and loved ones, it has to be consistent. Pray in the spirit, as much as you need to. Post the verses. read them, memorize them. They grow into flowers of grace and healing, the devil will toss in the weeds or dig up your seeds, even mow them over or pluck them up. It’s a daily grace. It’s a lifestyle of choice.

You can have a headache and it’s not the devil, a sniffle or even overdo it and be sore. We live in a fallen world. But make no mistake, he’s behind the majority of illness and Christians are failing to recognize it. Jesus told the leper He was willing to heal. Surely, with what He bore in His body, it’s His will.

I know we may have talked about speaking life and the power of the tongue. It is natural to speak death, we must choose to speak life. But in prayer for my own body, this morning, after a fall this past week. The Lord instructed me to speak peace to my body. And I’m doing it, after recovering from trauma, illness or disease, chronic or otherwise, we can start to heal and then another attack, comes and another. They devil knows if you figure out his patterns, cycles and movement against you, he’s burnt toast! And you have a helper, comforter and advocate in the the Holy Spirit, through prayer and intercession and spiritual gifts, he will show you and even help you discern spirits.  Be sure you are willing to do what He says, or you’re giving the devil an open door. He does not have equal power but he tries to copy God and he is deceptive. Again, be careful of who prays for you.

I was busy with other things and forgot the pattern of falls in December, I once broke an ankle on my birthday,  I took a fall about five years ago, which was followed by a couple of more and then an attack of sickness, and fear. I was overworking and not letting Jesus take control. It was a crucial and life threatening time. It took praying in tongues regularly and lots immersion in the Word, even though I knew about and confessed healing, the love of God was what turned it around. Knowing how much love it to to make that sacrifice.

He’s not angry, punishing you or trying to teach you something. He has His Word for that, His Spirit for that. Jesus paid for that, we cost Him heaven, so we could have it. So let’s appreciate Him enough to sow healing into our spirits,  let it take root in our hearts and spring forth as the aroma of Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice for us.

The same Spirit that raised Jesus will raise us, He’s now living, not suffering. Jesus is alive and vibrant and healing and answering prayer. He is touched by us and wants to touch us with that same healing as those in the Word, and He healed them all, believers, unbelievers for His glory, He wasn’t blaming sins, He could heal and forgive simultaneously. That’s power, that’s love, Jesus had the sound mind because He walked in the Spirit without measure.

We can’t walk in His sandals, we have have to let Him walk in our shoes. He can heal the deepest of wounds. The devil cannot possess a believer, he can oppress you through fear, worry and terror, and sickness and disease, God is not sending it on you, He only allows it until you pray or make a stand, it is a battle, but one Jesus has already on. remember, the devil gets into the flesh, the mind, and out comes an agreement with him, that’s why we must walk in the Spirit. Who’s report will you believe?

We need to start to speak peace to our bodies and minds and hearts in order to heal. At heart at peace will give the body rest and the ability to heal. Rebecca Jones

A heart at peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30


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