Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord, Open His Presence


No gifts, no decorations, not a lot Scripture. I’m not posting any glitter or deep thought provoking study. Today is Christmas Day and we should be offering the Lord our praise, we should be enjoying fellowship with other believers or quiet home celebrations.

There is so much beauty and love in the Christmas story. But that’s what Jesus is, love and beauty, so, on this most blessed of days, I urge you to offer Him yourself as a living sacrifice, begin to see with spirit eyes, ask Him to open the eyes of your heart or spirit.

It is my prayer that through this blog and my eyes you see His beauty and love, the very essence and expectations that are Christ. It is also my prayer for you to be blessed with spiritual insight, angelic assignments and divine intervention. And I want you to see Him for what He truly is.

He’s not a baby in a manger, He’s not a bloody man on a cross. He is our intercessor, Hight Priest, King of KIngs and Lord of Lords and He sits on the throne, so this Christmas, as you opened expertly wrapped packages and ribons and take the gifts from colorful bags, will you offer Him a moment and ask, He will give this gift freely, more and more of His precious Spirit, just pray with me. ” Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you. ”

Merry Christmas, May you see Him high and lifted up as we sing, holy, holy, holy. Rebecca Jones



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