More Blessed To Receive


I know, I know, you think I mixed that up and that it is more blessed to give. Well, let me  tell you and I want to do it a in a polite way, there are givers and takers. I don’t understand takers because I’m used to giving. And people, like me will sometimes get into the habit of giving until they give out or up. It’s a burnout for caregivers.

People who take are accepting gifts with love but there are those that are always after a free lunch, hanger ons, yea, people. People like me have to set boundaries with people like this even children, who come out of foster care or broken homes will sometimes become hoarders of food or show little regard or emotion having not ever been taught disipline or respect or being loved. The food issues can come from neglect or a life on the run.

But that’s not who I’m addressing, there are those who know they don’t need things that will take them anyway. Gift returners who want cash. I stood in line once with woman who wanted $6 for an ornament she was returning. The cashier said it was clearance and offered her $1.75. She was appalled and stormed off, “Keep it. ” she yelled. I wonder how much cash she’d already received.

This is why givers must set boundaries with takers who won’t. Me? I was so busy trying to please God with faith that I wasn’t receiving His love. His peace. And even His rest and grace.

Be careful of the kind of ministry you sit under. I was studying healing. So, I was trying to have faith. I learned about fear, and that was what was always coming at me. It took a lot to get rid of it. I was helping people but it was takinga toll. When I sudied Revelation, I started to worry about that.

But my life changed one day, because I was listening to how much Jesus loved me. that He was born to die. That His manger and swaddling clothes represented grave clothes and a tomb. Mangers are made of stone in Israel, I heard that I was a pearl of great price and that He kept covering me, I studied pearls and sure enough, they are wounded and secrete nacer, pronounced nak-er, and cover the object that penetrates their soft shell until it is covered beautifully, a pearl. The oyster gives its life, when it is opened it is suffocated, just like Jesus, we wounded His flesh, pierced His tender heart and He suffocated, that’s what crucifixion does. I though He was the pearl.

I knew He was beaten and wounded, His flesh torn from His back, but I never realized the scale of the sacrificial Lamb, of the grain offerings, Jesus was pounded and there was no leaven or false doctrine in Him.

We can do for or give Him nothing but He gives us everything. In exchange for me, a candle burnt at both ends, still believing she was the head and not the tail, And waiting. I wasn’t trying to earn salvation. I was seeking approval, but I already had that, becaused He finished it.

So when it is better to receive, whan I heard the words,  ” It’s coming your way receive, your healing , receive your peace, receive your miracle. ” The stress and cares, and demonic activity, melted away. That’s power, that’s love, and He wants us to have it and a sound mind. The truth is He’s already done it. So let’s bless His name by receiving this year. He died to make our days merry and bright, and we as beautiful brides will walk with Him in white.  And that is grace, we need to receive it. Rebecca Jones



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