You make known to me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy and pleasures at your right hand forevermore. Psalm 16:11

I want fullness of joy don’t you? It’s almost Christmas Eve. I’m hoping to find a publisher for my children’s book. I’m a little anxious over the idea of self publishing. Truthfully, I know I don’t have the cash on hand to invest. But Jesus has a lot invested in me, and my life has been a lot of ups and downs about writing.

I love to do it. I’d do it for nothing. But that puts you under the lack and poverty and the starving artist image. And God loves to bless His children. He gives us good gifts, spiritual gifts, perfect gifts. I don’t want to refuse or waste anything God does for me ever. Jesus is a priceless gift.

I have had my share of happiness, it too has been up and down, like a roller coaster. I have had joy, and I have had it  stolen. I would love to have fullness of joy or the joy unspeakable. I have suffered as well and Jesus knows all about my life, my plans did not work out as well, His plans are better.

Now this verse is talking about heaven, but what about now? That too, ” You make known to me the path of life. ” Jesus sacrifice was so deep that He covered all facets of our lives in Isaiah 53. It troubles me to know He wore a crown of thorns, and I’ve spent all this time worrying about stuff, wasting my time being double minded and not receiving God’s best. And listening to those who weren’t necessarily speaking wisdom.

No, presence is peace, the Prince of Peace resting on the mercy seat of my heart. He wants to deliver us that gift this season. Jesus is the reason for the season. I want to be in His presence, not just on holidays or at church or while listening to praise and worship, I want to carry that gift all the tie, year round.

So as I contemplate, the toned down decor and the additions to my family, I seek the quiet peace of His presence and wait for my joy to be filled instead of a stocking. I wait for His presence and not presents. I know He longs to hold us close and lavish His love on us.

And I know His plan is perfect and He will make a way for me where there is none. I may find out about self publishing, but I know He’s got the Master plan, and He’s on time. He won’t be coming down my chimney, He won’t be eating cookies and  milk by my hearth. He already came down from glory and resides in my heart. In His presence, there is joy. Joy to the world.

Rebecca Jones


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