He Heals Broken Hearts


Psalm 147:3 tells us that the Lord heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. Grief is a terrible thing, you can grieve over losses and they don’t have to involve death.Of course, women can have miscarriages and grieve the loss of a child, and that is different to a  child you’ve given birth to. There are degrees, depending on one’s emotional state, upbringing and faith, the amount of love and support they receive.

And then there are women who grieve that they cannot have children. You can see a woman with a baby and wonder why not me. Or couples, or families, or even people with careers. We wonder and it’s not necessarily envy or jealousy, I always check myself out on that. even the sometimes, unkind remarks I have made about someone was simply because they were so mean or unrepentant, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

There is mourning and mourners are in the Beatitiudes. We can grieve losses that are friendships torn apart, boyfriend/girlfriend and husband and wife. I think we even mourn losing homes or possessions and money. And I know that is true of myself because I think if had done better I could have afforded better and helped others. But God will bless them as well, it was not always up to me to be the giver, I was giving out and up.

God takes care of us though, but we must talk to Him about our problems, our barrenness, our sorrows, but let’s roll those cares over and give Him praise, He has the babies and loved ones, He gives the unrepentant every chance and we don’t know what goes on in last minutes of life. We need to know that He is the answer to every problem.

There are people who pray in the Spirit, called seers. It is a gift you can ask for but be sure your ready for it, it’s powerful. Sometimes, praying in the Spirit, you get a quick flash or  a picture. Seers can have more detailed visions and dreams. You must be born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit  and let Him lead you in this gift. And don’t necessarily believe everyone, it should be confirmed and line with His Word.

Many of the people, and myself, on occasion have seen people with oppression. One man told of seeing people with swords and knives sticking in them, also snakes. I know of one person who was seeing so much that his gift lasted about three weeks. It was driving him crazy. The Lord  scaled it back for him. That’s we need the Holy Spirit, He knows hearts broken and the cruel ones who break them, He sees all spiritual things and it doesn’t bother Him. That’s why a glimpse into the spirit realm or a dream on occasion is enough for most people.

He can see your broken heart and heal it, mend it and bind it up. And bind means to wrap or secure tightly, so it won’t break again. marriage needs to be a three fold cord. God, husband, wife.

I had a vision of a heart being sewn. I have seen one look as if it was pierced. I saw one looks as if was split into and falling in half into a dark chasm, it appeared to be holding on by a thread, not to fall in. This heart needed mending.

If your heart looks like any of these, whether you can see with spirit eyes, or not I want to pray for you today. the holidays can be lonely, families apart or broken, people all alone or far away. Lonely, and by themselves or lonely in a crowd, trying to put on the happy face and mask a pretense of joy, but Jesus is our joy. Hold on, He loves you, don’t give up on Jesus or joy. Don’t let your heart keep breaking, not another day.

Father, in Jesus name, I lift up the hurting hearts before you, there are those suffering loss, memory loss, and bound by grief and depression, and some in the grip of fear, and we know that’s the Spirit you gave us. I agree with your command to angels to step forth and minister a flame of fire to spark a passion and hunger for your Word, that you may fill them once again with your joy and help them guard it and their hearts so that no one takes it.

I speak healing into those broken hearts, I bind the enemy attacks as you bind their hearts tightly with your power and love, and restore their sound minds. Remove the thorns, arrows and breaks, I release your love and the blood of Jesus over them, and the demonic oppression from its assignment, go where Jesus sends you and do not return. I decree and declare shaloam, the peace of God over their hearts and minds. And give you the glory, you are the love that came down and the reason for the season.

And while I’m praying for hearts I praise you for the miraculous results I’ve seen in two people and I speak to those who have suffered heart attacks or stroke to receive His powerful anointing in their lives. Veins and arteries open, carry the blood to and from the heart and from head to toe. Pulse rates return to normal, hearts come in line to Jesus will to heal, Holy Spirit, I ask you to remove every doubt and unbelief that can make a heart evil and turn from you. I give you praise, for you Word goes forth and will not return void, open those hearts to receive, may the only be broken to receive your love as chosen vessels and be repaired with the blood of Jesus and His forgiveness, take out the hearts of stone and give them them flesh.

I pray you receive His love right now, hearts are special to Jesus, He won’t let them stay broken if we won’t. Rebecca Jones

19bad69f18a3c2a51ae1252b276acf0b    The Heartache Christian Schloe 2016



The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18


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