Shame On You!


Gasp! It has happened again. Another name calling, fat shaming incident at an ice cream parlor. If you choose to open you mouth about a teenage employee’s weight, why are you even there with your children? If you’re so afraid they’ll get a little chubby, then go somewhere else. Have people absolutely lost it? Is there no such thing as consideration anymore. Does anyone care if they hurt your feeling? If they can’t be kind, they could at least be quiet. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

You do not have to say anything that pops in your head or worse, lives in your heart. Jesus says that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Matthew 15:18,19  There is no law that says you have to say everything  you think. there can be some icky stuff that floats by. And we let it in, through movies, music, pop culture and what other people tell us, the talks shows, the gossip, all swirl around in there and it will contaminate the best of souls. We have to choose what we allow ourselves to dwell on.

We can choose what to watch and listen to, and who. Are we listening to Jesus or the adversary. Shame on us! And to think, as a believer, Jesus took my sin and shame and am going to go around shaming someone else? No way!

For years, I carried shame, and I will not do it again. I let other people define me, instead of looking at me with His eyes. I knew I must be doing something wrong or I would lose weight and get healed. It was all a lie. It was all backwards or a**backwards, because the devil is a jacka**, well worse, even Baalam’s donkey had better sense..

I was ashamed because I thought I had not been a good enough influence, my success or failure depended on whether I could help someone. People, the devil is a liar. If it’s not love, it’s not Jesus. Phillipians 4:8, gives us a list of what to think on. Are our minds cluttered, are we hoarders of prejudices. I dislike tattoos, but if you’ve got one that’s your business.

Some people don’t like make up. When I was a teenager, I went to a small church, they didn’t approve of much. I went to a bigger church but they didn’t help me either. I listened to a lot of ministries and found help, but one was the most helpful and learned how much he loved me, and you. His sacrifice was so great, it covers whatever a believer does, but am I going to waste that or my words on something, careless, thoughtless, insensitive or just stupid.

I thought I wasn’t good enough to love or to be able to do what I loved. I used to think I didn’t love enough, or that I didn’t profess enough.  I thought I was unworthy of love and I was miserable, and I was wrong. All these lies are what the enemy feeds us but we should feasting on Jesus instead, the bread of life.

I heard a survey once, people were asked would they rather be dumb or fat. You can even guess the answer. I think even without a limb or fat was also a question. But enough with stereotypes and racism and criticism. Forget politically correct, how about respect?

Give compliments, not flattery. Or just say, ” Have a nice day. ” I have still had men to carry things for me and open doors and I don’t mind. I expect it. I’m not a maid or doormat. I’m not a brawling woman like in Proverbs, but I’m not taking any nonsense. God doesn’t mince words or waste them, there are still swine around. If you have to ignore people’s arrogance, insults, ignorance or false accusations, do it.

I see those pictures all the time, and laugh, the pet to owner relationship can be humorous. They might not always like it but they will wear clothes and a sign, ” I ate mama’s pizza. ” One I saw showed a guilty pair, ” I ate a Bible. ” on one sign, ” Were sorry, Jesus “, on the other.

In Revelation, John is told to eat a little book, he needed to digest the words he was receiving. So do we, as we are delving into wisdom, on occasion in December and starting the New Year with it, let’s eat a Bible full of words, and say we’re sorry Jesus for insensitive and cruel things we say.

I try to avoid the rush, I’ve been in here behind the computer, but I have managed to hear a little girls say she was too fat to sit with Santa, and catch a glimpse of the ice cream parlor incident.

If it’s fat or blonde or black or white or tall or short. It doesn’t matter, someone somewhere will find a reason to dislike you. People won’t like you necessarily, because of Jesus. They hated Him with no cause.

Let’s be more polite, not picky. I’ve been called a doh-doh head and it’s not a problem. I added the h for pronunciation, so you’ll know I mean the bird. Goofball, knothead, some of these are just if we make a mistake, the other day I smeared eyeliner, and told my mother, I looked like a cocoon, of course I meant raccoon. And I didn’t catch what I’d said  that she thought was funny, doh -doh head duh! And you should read some of my typos. I proofread a lot,and yes, I have spell check. It doesn’t always catch everything and neither do we.

Recently, I have been catching it for the word stupid. I have done stupid things, haven’t you? I have told people and children not to do something stupid. there are those who can pick at you for charismatic beliefs, that’s their problem.  Not mine. I really don’t get caught up in that anymore either. Love is more what do than what you say, if you love someone make their life easier, not harder. Have some faith in them. If you don’t retaliate in kind, good for you. Don’t defend yourself, let Jesus speak for you.

We all can have slips of the tongue, a bad day or even a bad word. that doesn’t make us bad. But the continuous corrupt communication, has a lasting impact, bitterness, resentment, hate, guilt, sorrow and shame.

A bloody Savior bore all this, and told us to love one another. If you don’t beleve that, you’re entitles to your opinion, if you choose crude and rude, shame on you, but He will forgive you if you ask. Rebecca Jones

 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Ephesians 4:29














































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