Holy Stillness


I started hearing that phrase  ” holy stillness ” and I started using it. It ties right into rest and seeking His peace. It’s that like quiet place or secret place, either the one you have in your heart and mind or the real and relaxing prayer closet where you seek solace.

In quiet peaceful prayer and thanksgiving, and pure praise and worship, you release your cares to Him and He cares for you. You also release your spirit to His embrace and love, and then He can quiet you with His love and rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Strange isn’t it?  You don’t need a temple, and an ark, or a priest. You have the holy of holies right inside you, your body is His temple, if you are a believer, He resides in you. He rests or sits upon the mercy seat of your heart and prays beautiful intercession through the Holy Spirit. He’s our forever High Priest, He was the propitiation for sin, I thought that He was an offering for sin, but it actually pertains to the mercy seat. The Greek word, halesterion, refers to the lid of the ark or the mercy seat, and the blood itself. He satisfied the wrath of God. Propitiation.

Only that blood was pure and perfect enough to redeem us, there is no need for any other. Even though the Jews plan to rebuild the temple someday and the Anti-Christ will stop the oblation. It was not, nor has it ever been or will it ever be necessary to make another sacrifice. Jesus was more than enough.

He was the Lamb sent to take away the sin of the world. But you do have to believe and receive it and walk in the Spirit, offering yourself a” living “sacrifice. And He wants it to wholly, all of us. Sometimes, we give Him our soul to save but don’t consult Him with anything else until there is a problem.

Is that silly? Jesus, the Healer is right there. Jesus, the deliverer, is right there. Jesus the protector, is right there. Jesus who wants you to have and abundant life, He’s right there. He never called the people He raised from the dead, dead, that was obvious. And if He had called them dead, they would have stayed dead, because God in His wisdom calls thing that be not as though they were, Romans 4:17. He was calling Abraham a father of many nations, when he was an old man and it was impossible for he and Sarah to bear a son. Yet, she laughed and there was Isaac, the next year.

Friends, we have a better covenant and a better High Priest, Jesus is calling you beloved, worthy, healed and whatever you need today, it’s not that old name it a claim it. Jesus is not a quiz show, I tried that, I was confessing healing, but nothing changed for me until finally knew how much He loved me, sacrificed for me. Oh, I had heard about His back cut to ribbons, but I was in pain. Love stepped into that and changed it. That love is Jesus.

He made His throne on the mercy seat of  my heart, and redeemed it. Ever present and ever loving. HE died for me, in my stead, and He alone is worthy of my praise. He accepted me into the beloved and the Father approved, I was given an inheritance, like a will. It was His will to die for me to be free. He’s still there, like a living will, keeping an Isaiah 53 covenant.

Do you think He’s forgotten what He did or how much He valued us?  His will is perfect for us. He told  the leper he was willing. He still is, and He is able, more than able. He’s willing, are we? To step out of tradition or what holds us back and oppresses us. In His name oppression will cease.

He will meet you where you need Him most. A secret place, a holy place. In His grace, there is forgiveness and mercy, grace and truth are in Jesus. He will meet with you, are you willing? Seek Him in the lonely places of prayer, the quiet places of His holy stillness. Rebecca Jones

I pray we can all seek Him this Christmas, in His holy stillness. God bless you and Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year full of favor. I hope to join you again in January. /stockphoto

Crystal Storms


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