Last Minute Gifts


As everyone runs to and fro, and downtown shoppers Christmas is nigh, with everyone hurrying to find one more bargain and fighting crowds and looking for parking spots or even as we sit typing behind a computer to buy online, let us a please stop and  think about spiritual gifts. Even last minute spiritual gifts.

Yes, you have to buy one more coffee pot or pair of gloves. But what about our spiritual gifts from God. Last minute gifts from a last minute God. Oh, don’t get me wrong, God is in control, the creator of time doesn’t always keep time like we do on a chronological clock. He makes all things beautiful in His time, not necessarily ours. Years are more like moments, as I agonize in prayer over mistakes He’s long forgotten. He doesn’t waste time.

I wrote a previous post about Him being a last minute God. Look at how many times He should up in the nick of time in the Word. The fiery furnace is a good example. He sent an angel to silence John the Baptist’s father to keep Jesus birth on schedule. I have had Him show up for me at the right moment.

So as we are living in the end times, what about last minute spiritual gifts? We are to follow after love and desire the gift of prophecy, which can be over ourselves or others and even congregation, speaking in tongues, words of knowledge, even working miracles, and I have heard that was happening in Argentina, so come on America.

Many gifts that are spiritual gifts from God also may not be recorded in the Bible. Some people are gifted with children or art or music. I have a keen eye for anything of beauty. I see it in the smallest of things, I tend to be drawn to care for even inanimate objects like a broken ornament, it was such a little dent, I took the puppy home saying he’d do nicely. One year I could not leave a lonely angel on a clearance shelf, all alone. I took it home and it stayed with me until a friend had a little girl, and it made a lovely gift.  Tenderhearted or crazy, aren’t we supposed to be tenderhearted, and doesn’t the gospel appear foolish to some?

I’ve been privileged enough to read so many blogs, and I see love pour out through the hearts of women. We all have at least one gift to share, whether it’s words or photographs or music. Even if it is a great recipe or the trial and error raising a child. And even if it’s lending an ear and listening, or just caring, that is a gift.

Surround yourself with love this holiday season, surround yourself with Jesus and the people who know Him and love Him deeply and worship and adore Him as Emmanuel, God with us, and the beloved Prince of Peace. We have a loving God who gave the greatest gift of all, and He freely gives the Holy Spirit. And He knows how to give good gifts to His children, so just ask and receive and thank Him God’s gifts are perfect every one, even last minute, and you don’t even have to drive to the mall. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas, Rebecca Jones /pexels


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