A Soft Touch


I read and hear a lot of criticism of certain ministries, and I don’t like it. Shouldn’t you believe that you are who the Bible says you are in Christ? If Jesus came from heaven to die and even (pause), I should insert a gasp here, I started to type visit hell for you. It was no visit, not even a nice place to visit and you would not want to live there, forever!

It was no picnic, no parade. Jesus wants us to celebrate His victory, not keep Him on a cross. If He makes you free, you should be, is willing to heal, you should be. The depths of hell itself could not keep the Lord as long as the Holy Spirit was charged with raising Him from the dead.

I do not like for people to belittle ministries that I have found helpful. No, I don’t like arrogant or rude, and I never mean to come off that way. But pity party and politely, passively accept whatever life and people throw at you. No can do. Not anymore! The depths of His despair in that Garden and the suffering for me, no, God isn’t Santa Claus, but He made Jesus a soft touch. Why?

He was God, but very human, His heart ached, He cried, He felt every bit of rejection, He stung with every lash, He gasped for air, He certainly was acquainted with fear and terror as demons and crowds mocked and taunted Him until He gave up the ghost. No man took His life. Cruel and barbaric people watched and enjoyed this like entertainment, just like people eating popcorn at the Passion movie. So no, don’t tell me you aren’t who He says you are, because He died to make you so, to set you free.

We have a High Priest who is easily touched by our infirmities. I used to think that because He was God, it could not have hurt Him like it would us. Don’t be so foolish as I. I just could not comprehend that level of pain and death, a love, pure and perfect love. He knew some would not believe, but He knew I would, He knew you would.

And to ministries that don’t agree, agree to disagree. You don’t have to declare people false prophets, you only change peoples minds with the love of God, and all the shout and hell fire and damnation won’t do it. Teach people the pure love of Jesus, His mercy and truth, His peace. Grace and truth came through Him, I pray we let it come through us also.  He loved us as sinners, believers. He sees the beauty of Jesus horrible death as a sweet sacrifice. He did not have to do it! But He did!

So don’t disparage others until you walk in those footsteps. No, God isn’t a fool, He’s not about to turn loose a bunch of evil people and just let them go willy nilly, willing sinners,  but the broken and contrite spirit, He will hear and save and then not condemn. He’s not keeping a score card of bad words but a memory book of sweet ones, you are in the palm of His hand, forever loved. So take the gifts he gives you freely and freely give others, don’t worry about who has what or travels where or writes a book. God has enough to give everyone His best, in fact He already has, He loved His Son more that we ever could a child, and He gave Him for us.

Is God a big Santa? No!  Is He Abba, Father, who adopted us and loved us as Jesus. Absolutely, Is Jesus a soft touch? You better believe it! Especially, if you ever find yourself in desperate need of His touch. Don’t wait, praise Him, reach out for Jesus, He reached for you. Rebecca Jones  /pxhere


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