Quiet Me At Christmas


Keeping a quiet heart at Christmas can be a challenge. Parties, recitals, and dinners, shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking or baking. Are we tired. yet? So what’s a woman to do? I can tell you what not to do. Don’t give up on your alone time with Jesus.

We need Jesus everyday, and should celebrate Him everyday, so let’s don’t get caught up in the fast pace of the holidays. I have always been organized, I hate chaos. No wonder I serve the Prince of Peace, and that is a gift I want to keep, His peace and my joy. If you lose these, the enemy moves in. As well if you’re not rested or resting in Him.

You are not obligated to attend everything, participate in everything or bake every cookie. I like to shop all year and buy gifts that appropriate, I hold back gifts even for birthdays. Now, I love letter writing and cards, so I love stationery, especially the Victorian kind. But e-cards will do.

I am so old fashioned, I love tradition, unless as the Word says, it makes His word of no effect. I want the enemy’s words to have no effect. You know the ones, about not being good enough, smart enough or that you won’t make it.

Use lists, use Pinterest for cute ideas for gifts. Buy gift cards or put the cash in an ornament. If you have to deliver gifts, pack the trunk and go for s sleigh ride delivering gifts. I was ill and missed doing this but I would take cookies, cake, lotions, soaps, or candy, to the dentist, vet, girl who cuts my hair. I picked a day to do that even if it was early, you can do the same for relative or good neighbors. Nursing homes will often ask for donations of sugar free candy, toothbrushes,combs, and personal care items. If you give a gift basket, be sure and add Galatians 5:25, the fruit of the spirit to a note.

After Christmas sales are great, you can always stock up and grab those pajamas and gift bags, if you’ve got a closet, you’ve got it made. And the wardrobe, all women have a little black dress, why not a red and white. I hope I don’t sound like I’m making it harder, I just want to make it easier, and don’t forget to set aside that Christmas money, the bills come in.

I love the holiday music, but don’t forget the worship, the carols with the true meaning of Christmas, go to church or mass, don’t forget communion or your communion with Him, no longer the baby Jesus who was born to die for our sins, who was swaddled and laid in a stone manger as a type of tomb, no He is our risen Lord and High Priest of our confession. Let’s quiet our hearts, by  turning back the noise and hustle and bustle and gladly let Him quiet our hearts.

Christmas is all about Jesus, not our clothes or gifts. It’s about presence, not presents. It’s about a Savior and salvation, He is our robe of righteousness, our peace on earth. Christmas is about a Father giving His beloved Son and everlasting life. It is about Jesus who is our abundant life and joy. It is about God wanting family, it is about family and friends and faith.

Christmas is all about Christ, and the love of God. And God is love. Rebecca Jones / Terri C. Pixabay photo, thank you.


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