Beloved and Cherished


In this season of giving it is easy to overlook our own selves. We can run to and fro and from mall to mall, and entertain and join in the festivities. We can visit relatives, drive for hours, or sit in airports.  We can mail packages and expect them.  There are so many days of parties or events, so many hours of late nights and getting up early. Children can get out of school and get on your nerves.

There so many things we feel obligated to do, and not much time to do it as the Countdown to Christmas begins. So, if like me, you’re opting out of the Christmas rush, good for you. I love celebrating, but I’m not being intimidated by commercialism and gift giving. Actually, I have given very few gifts lately. When your family scatters out from a few close ones and then you begin to have second cousins and they have children, and they’ve never seen you and don’t know you. And the ones who do you see so rarely. And then there are so many.

I make calls, send e-mails. But often my extended family has been the children I worked with and I gave them clothes and toys. Christmas is for children, it is about a special child. It is the child like faith that brings us to Him. Angels of the children, behold His face.

So however you choose to celebrate, formally, in a congregation. Whether it is a large family gathering or small intimate dinner, dozens or thousands, celebrate Jesus. Celebrate His love and remember to share it by giving at least one special gift to Him. Give Him a moment to embrace you with His joy.

Let it be His light that burns in you like a candle in the window of church. Let His love warm you like the warmth of a fireplace glow, let His grace fall upon you as snowflakes, drifting in the wind. You are His beloved, cherished, washed white as snow, a pure bride.

So hang Jesus a stocking or add Him an ornament to your decorations. Do you have an old Communion photograph? Find some way to love and cherish Jesus, sing Him a song, alone, in your secret place, your prayer closet. Hug me, Jesus. Kiss me with the kiss of peace this Christmas.

I love you, I am cherished and beloved and I want you to know you are as well. Rebecca Jones / Adina Voicu, thanks


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