Quiet Me With Love


I never knew how Jesus could quiet me with His love. Zephaniah 3:17 He also rejoices over me in song. I had heard that God danced the day I was born or maybe angels, but it was kind of like the Carpenter’s song, for those old enough to remember, Close To You. Yes, birds suddenly appear and angels sprinkle moon dust in your hair and starlight in your eyes of blue. And just like me, they long to be close to you.

Who knew? Just by reading the Bible, we should be getting a glimpse into our Father’s love. What appears to be a wrathful God in the Old Testament is a patient and loving Father, doing what He can to redeem a fallen world. It would be a long time before He could send Jesus, and longer still until His return. That a Father would give His Son to save the very men who would beat Him to death, could they have believed, maybe the one did who declared Him truly the Son of God.

God is always thinking about us, always trying to get through to us, always hoping to spend  time with us. He wants to dote on us. The Holy Spirit broods over us, like the wings of a snowy white dove, He reaches to embrace a freshly wakened face. Like the mother kisses the cheeks of an infant, the Lord caresses us with His love.

When I told a friend how butterflies followed me to the mailbox and I have had them light on me like little angels of comfort, she told me how special I was to God. I knew in a general since, He loved me, He saved me. I knew I had gifts  but I never knew what He really had done.

I told her I’d never seen myself as  that special, she said that we never do. Yet, we are supposed to see ourselves like God does, not in a proud way, or more than we. Still more than we are in the natural, the way He sees us in the spirit, through rose colored glasses? No, through the beautiful Rose of Sharon. He’s lovable, He’s beautiful and He’s perfect. So He should be shining through us.

I practice what I preach or rather teach, I write for me as well. I read and study. I make mistakes. But He still quiets me with His love, and sometime, when I’m really walking close to Him, I’ll hear Him singing too. Lord, and maybe birds or butterflies suddenly appear, just like me they long to be Close To You. Quiet me with your love.  Rebecca Jones

* Please take a moment and enjoy, Close To You by the Carpenters, and see the talent and beauty of a spectacular singer who died far too young from Bulimia/ Anorexia nervosa. If you need help, seek treatment. See yourself as God does, His beautiful creation and masterpiece. Don’t let cruel people or cruel words define you.


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