Walk With God


Last year I tried to focus on a word a day, it didn’t always happen. Rest has been a major part of my year. I had to relearn and rethink so much of what I had been taught and believed as a Christian. I felt hammered by some speakers, that I couldn’t ever keep up with God. I never felt as active and energetic as some, I wasn’t exactly a go getter although I sincerely desired to obey Him. I needed healing, I needed rest, and I needed peace.

I don’t have to run to keep up at charismatic conventions, or even lay hands on the television with ministers or try to jump and down and do something I couldn’t do. I did have to rest. I I did have to heal, I did have to sleep. And I had to write. He, Himself, bore the most horrible of afflictions, why not mine? Of course, He did, and He did it long ago and far away in a Garden by breaking curses, and by wearing a crown of thorns for me to be able to overcome mental attacks and cause a ceasefire in the battlefield that is my mind, a part of my soul.

His back was in agony, so that mine will not be. The Holy Spirit spoke to me about identifying with His pain so. Indeed, I was carrying a wounded Christ in my heart, and that was more than I could bear. I chose to carry the gentle one, the loving one, the kind one. And when I did, I found rest. Even if there tends to be people in chaos or confusion around me, I retreat mentally to the rest, the peace and the quiet, holy stillness of the Lord.

That may be the definition of to be still. You do know Him if you know His peace. He gives us grace and more grace, amazing grace, amazing love and amazing peace. Jesus didn’t ask you to jump up and down or perform any ritual, He simply ask if you would be healed. The man at the pool of Bethesda is a great example, when asked He told Jesus he had no one to help him, that’s not what He asked, the man should have said yes. Jesus says things like follow me, or even take up your mat and follow me.

Most of us have been trying to take up crosses and follow Him, and that was a statement for the disciples. Jesus had not been crucified, we have the benefit of being sons and daughters, seated in heavenly places, we were crucified with Him. So we need not disqualify ourselves as believers from any gift of the Spirit or any part of our salvation, including healing, but we do have to find rest in His love. His sacrifice was perfect, His work finished, His love everlasting.

I have decided to give Jesus my words in 2017, He alone is worthy of them. I choose joy. I choose peace and I choose love, and like Mary of Bethany and her alabaster box, I sit at His feet, broken but restored. No one knows what’s in our boxes but Him, and what we choose to share.

Jesus was as is sweet, gentle and kind. I have been reading about the violent taking the kingdom of heaven by force, and I’ve heard sermons sermons about pounding on the gates of heaven and to knock and keep knocking.  But I know that Jesus used His words to heal, to scatter demons to raise the dead. He offended the self righteous, but He is our righteousness. If we are to have the mind of Christ, then it must be renewed in Him, our confidence must be in Him, our decisions must be through Him and our focus on Him. He was tortured and tormented but I don’t believe for a moment He went through all that and expected us to suffer, when He provided a way to the throne and mercy. We will have trouble in a fallen world but we can overcome because He did, by His blood and our testimony.

Jesus is the beloved Son of God, and because of Him, God accepted us into the beloved. Jesus walked with God, He was one with the Father. God paid attention to Jesus and every detail of His life, just like ours. I read this morning that God was attentive to me, how refreshing, and such a blessing on my day and everyday. God is paying attention to me, He wants me well and whole and rested and to have the peace Jesus left me and the joy.  And then I ‘ll walk and not be weary and run and not faint or fail. Love never fails and that what God is and He’s paying attention to me, how great is that? I’ll walk with God. Rebecca Jones / Imagebuffer


Crystal Storms


2 thoughts on “Walk With God

  1. I needed this today! Thank you so much for sharing it. Just finished the busiest time at work and I could definitely use some rest today. Thank you for the encouragement to keep going, but to rest and be still along the way. Words are powerful, may my words be pleasing to the Lord. Your neighbor at #heartencouragement.


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