I Am The Light of the World


Jesus went throughout His ministry to the synagogue and all around Jerusalem,  He fulfilled the law but celebrated the Jewish feasts.  When He made the ” I Am the light of the world. ” declaration. It was the time of Hanukkah.  There would have been lamps  or light to celebrate the miracle of the oil not running out during the time of the Maccabees. I don’t want to let my oil, or the Holy Spirit, run out of me or burn out of me. And He never will, sometimes, that is also miraculous.

Sometimes, my birthday is in or around Hanukkah. It is a reminder to be a light to the world. To let my light shine for Him. I don’t always feel like I live up to that. I wonder if don’t need a dose of patience or a temper pill, I have tried to curb that. I heard that you had to get mad at the devil and stand in faith. Oh, he makes me angry, and I hate to see what he’s done to people, the deceit, the lies and the pain and suffering. What we don’t realize is how much our lives impact others.

Our words and actions or lack of, can have profound and lasting effects. Remember, there are sins of omission, don’t neglect to to something good when you can  or give a kind word. The devil comes after our words, our joy and peace. And he attacks the mind, and body. Thankfully, the I Am, is between us acting as Advocate and intercessor. To know that Jesus cried and prayed for me, is something to keep in mind. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I always pray in my year. This year, I am adding a partial fast. That helps our faith, and we can move mountains, by His grace. And while I tried to use or meditate on a word a day, I think I’ll be offering Jesus my words instead.

Yet,  I do much better, knowing that the Lord bore in His body all these things for us to be free, and He wants us to be free. And He wants us to walk in the light of His love, and there truly is no darkness in Him. He merely told the devil to go away and get behind me and used God’s Word on Him. It is good to know you have that authority given to you by Jesus, we don’t have to live in worry and fear, because He is our peace, Ephesians 2:14.

Jesus life and ministry were exemplary, no mistakes. He made no errors in judgement. I would love to have that on my resume’.  As Hanukkah comes and goes and Christmas lights go up, and everything seems to glow, from children’s faces to fireplaces, and candles in windows. Let us remember that our spirit is His candle, and to let this little light of our shine ’til Jesus comes. He is the Great I Am. He is still the light of the world. I Am with you always. Don’t let stress, worry, holiday hoopla or the devil snuff it out. This is wisdom also. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Rebecca Jones


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