His Presence Is A Present


His presence is a present. It’s our best present. Our best gift ever. The Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus and rested on Him. Likewise, we are to be in His rest and therefore the Holy Spirit is in and upon us as well.

None of us compare to Jesus, He is all love, all the time. We are human, but we forget, so was He. He knows what it is to be tired, even exhausted, to be hurt, to be lowly, downtrodden and outcast. He was rejected and shunned.

Yet, He was merciful, forgiving and loving. He was kind. Walking, talking love. Even in His anger, cleansing the temple, He did not sin. He was merely driving out thieves, demons, as He had done on many occasions.

He understands us more than we understand ourselves. The Spirit quickens and cuts deep into the soul. He convicts, never condemns. He could have passed sentence, a death sentence on us, but chose to die in our place. He gave us eternal life when we were the ones crucifying Him.

I always had trouble comprehending how God could do that. His most beloved Son, especially a hard thought if you are holding a baby. And yet, He put His seed into a virgin’s womb placed there by the loving hand of God, and watched a baby be born and placed into a manger, not a cute one like the pictures on card, but one of stone, foreshadowing His tomb. Even the swaddling clothes were like burial linen, they wrapped tightly around a tiny body, that yawned and slept in what was not necessarily a stable but a cave. Even more of a description of His grave site.

God protected the baby from Herod, when babies were ripped from their mother’s arms on horseback. A warning dream came to Joseph. God watched until the day He had to turn away, giving up His spirit, He cried, ” My God. ” instead of  ” Father. ” He faced hell to give us heaven.

So yes, having the gift of the Holy Spirit is the best gift or present to have. During this season, and always. His presence is a present, a gift. So whatever you are giving this year be sure to include the presence of the Lord. He is in the carols, the fellowship and laughter, but He is in our hearts, He is our spirits, helping us to pray. And when Jesus prays the heavens open.

I want to let Him pray through me this season, I need refreshment, fulfillment and favor. I want to see heaven open and blessing pouring down, I want to see souls saved. Bodies healed, life given to dead dreams and people. I want to see His miracles, His glory. Every word I write I pray gives Him glory.

So, in Jesus name, I ask you Lord to permeate the air we breathe with your presence, fill our homes with the fragrance of Christ as we fill them with scented candles and decorations. Fill our souls with your joy, peace and everlasting love. Your presence is our most precious gift, for that I praise you. Rebecca Jones / pixabay Anton Bersovsky




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